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Council-funded Police Take To The Streets

Two new police officers dedicated to Wood End in Coventry have started walking the beat following a unique partnership with the council.

Coventry City Council‘s Housing Services department are funding the two officers to try and target individuals who plague the lives of decent people.

The two police officers, PC Jason Bonsor and PC Nick Watson, will link in with the tenant enforcement officers, Mandie Watson and Lisa Shires.

The team will be co-ordinated and directed by Jenny Calderbank, estates manager for the Wood End estate and police Sergeant Anna Freeman who is based at the Bell Green sector.

Sgt Freeman said:

"The aims and objectives of this team are to tackle drug offences, domestic and commercial burglaries, acts of vandalism, harassment and nuisance.

"All of these affect the quality of life of the people who live and work in the Wood End area.

"We will be cracking down on these crimes by identifying and targeting the small percentage of the individuals responsible.

"We will be paying particular attention to any crime "hot spots."

Jenny Calderbank said:

"We all feel that this is an exciting opportunity to improve community safety and to build on the good relationships already in place.

"Hopefully public confidence will be boosted by the addition of these two dedicated officers."

The target team aims to maximise the powers provided by the Crime and Disorder Act including housing legislation as well as criminal proceedings and enforcement.

Sgt Freeman said:

"The officers will be highly visible and readily accessible to the community they serve. We hope that local people will be encouraged to come forward and report issues that are detrimental to their quality of life.

"We need the assistance and support of the community as a whole to enable us to be effective and people are encouraged to ring the police or Jenny Calderbank and discuss any concerns.

“In an emergency always dial 999, but Bell Green officers can be contacted on 024 76 539146.

"Everyone is looking forward to the challenge of working more closely within the community and to improving the quality of life for those working and living in Wood Green."

Superintendent Andy Nicholson, operations manager at Stoney Stanton Road said:

"I believe this is a superb example of a partnership working.  Here we have two organisations giving a commitment to the community of Wood End to make heir quality of life better.

"There are a relatively small number of individuals and families that plague the lives of the majority.

“The team will be in a position to use both criminal and civil legislation to tackle these troublemakers. They will also be in a position to provide practical help and support to the law abiding residents."

Councillor Tom White, Cabinet member (Community Well-being) said:

"I am delighted that yet again Coventry has the innovation to find new ways of tackling crime issues at local level.

“Funding these two dedicated officers can only be good news for the majority of law abiding citizens who live in this area."

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