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New Team To Make Hillfields A Safer Place

A new crime fighting team moves in to Hillfields tomorrow looking for long-term solutions to problems in the inner-city area.

West Midlands Police have appointed six extra officers, with knowledge of the area, to the new team. 

The money has come from the Crime Fighting Fund, set up by the Home Office.

Police say this is 'no quick fix', but it does build on recent successes.

Insp Debbie Harrod explained:

“All the officers seconded to the crime fighting team will be taken from those who know the area well and have built up a partnership with the local community.

“These officers will be building on the existing strong links, while aiming to find long-term solutions to any drugs, robbery and prostitution problems in the area.

“We know we have community support and have had a number of successes in recent months, but we are sure the extra officers dedicated to these tasks will add to these successes and ensure greater results in the future.”

Team co-ordinator, Sgt John Eaton, said:

“These are additional officers who will continue to build on the work carried out in the past in partnership with other agencies and members of the community in the Hillfields area.

“This is not a quick fix to the problems, but we feel sure their impact and achievements will become apparent within a few months to members of the Hillfields community.

“Other officers will be coming into the Hillfields sector to take the place of those officers who will be members of the crime fighting team to maintain the policing levels in the sector.”

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