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Truants Face Action In Operation Scallywag

Police in Coventry are linking up with education welfare officials to launch another crackdown on truants in the city.

Youngsters seen in the town centre during school hours without a valid reason will be sent back to lessons.

Officers will use a new temporary police station in the Precinct, which is opening this week, as a base for Operation Scallywag.

PC Maria Francis, who is part of Little Park Street police station’s community safety bureau, said:

”Truancy increases in the weeks before Christmas and youngsters who play truant are at risk from either becoming a victim of crime or of becoming involved in crime themselves.

”By working in partnership with the education department and the retailers we hope to prevent this from happening and help children to keep and safe and continue their education.”

The initiative will run until the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

Senior education welfare officer Janet McConkey said:

“It is important to remember that making sure children attend school regularly is first and foremost the responsibility of parents.

“This is stated quite clearly in the 1996 Education Act and parents risk heavy fines if they allow their children to be out of school.”
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