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Police Step Up Car Crime Patrols

Police in Coventry are cracking down on car crime in a bid to stop misery for motorists in the run-up to Christmas as the number offences has bucked regional trends and risen.

High-visibility patrols will be sent out on the beat, and known offenders will be targeted. Security staff will also be urged to patrol their car parks in the approach to Christmas.

The initiative is being launched by officers at Little Park Street to try and stop the increase in car crime.

Supt Paul Diehl, operations manager, said:

“People should be on their guard and help us to help them by simply looking after their own vehicles sensibly.”

Crime prevention tips include

  • lock doors, windows, the boot and sunroof every time you leave your vehicle
  • always use steering locks and other security devices
  • take your ignition key out even if you are parked at a petrol station or in your garage
  • don’t leave valuables on display and never leave cheque books or credit cards, driving documents or mobile phones in the car

Officers on patrol will keep a look out for vulnerable vehicles, which may have been left unlocked, have valuables on display or parked in a place that makes it easy prey for crooks.

Supt Diehl said:

“Once a vulnerable vehicle has been located, officers will fill in a form recording the details.

“Once they return to base, a pre-printed letter will be sent to the registered keeper giving advice on how to keep their vehicle as safe as possible to void becoming a victim of crime.

“Theft of and from vehicles represents nearly a quarter of all crime in this county. We are determined to do everything possible to make those living, shopping and working in Coventry as safe as possible and keep these thieves from spoiling the festive season.”

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