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Festive Trap Set For City Burglars

Houses left empty over the Christmas period in Coventry are being fitted with surveillance equipment to try and snare burglars.

The holiday period traditionally leads to a rise in the number of break-ins as crooks prey on empty properties.

But they could be in for a nasty shock as some houses and flats that will be empty over Christmas will be able to catch the burglar on camera.

Supt Mark Sheasby said police will know when the house is entered and they will be able to identify the person breaking-in and any property that is taken.

He said:

”We do target known offenders and we have researched the area where burglaries are more likely to happen.

“We hope that word will soon get round to the criminal fraternity that any home from Earlsdon to Stoke could be one of the ones with our specialist equipment and they can expect to get caught in the trap.”

Supt Sheasby added that people who do go away over Christmas and the New Year should get people to come in and draw curtains, move newspapers from letterboxes and turn lights on to deter crooks.

He added:

“We are determined to take the fight against crime to those who deserve it and by doing this turn the tables on those who bring misery to many others who live and work in the city.”

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