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PC Plod Becomes PC Pedal

Police in Coventry are resorting to pedal power as a quick and quiet way of catching crooks.

They are taking to their bikes to try and get to incidents without alerting the criminal that they are on the way.

Six new bikes have been bought for the police working from Chace Avenue police station by city council’s Action Against Crime team.

Stoke sector bobby Mo Swinscoe had the idea for getting the new bikes. He said:

”The cycles used by our operational command unit were a sorry sight and I knew that bikes could be great weapons in the fight against crime.

“Not only are cycles an economical way for officers to get round their beats but they have already proved their worth as a silent and swift way for officers to get to ongoing incidents.

“As well as crime prevention tools we also see the cycles as a way of promoting safer cycling to the many people, both young and old, who use them as their main source of transport.”

He added that the state-of-the-art mountain bikes had already proved a hit with youngsters in the area.

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