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Coventry Petrol Thieves Pumped Dry

A flood of drive-off thefts from a Coventry petrol station has been reduced to a trickle after police moved into the forecourt.

At one point £2,000 of petrol thefts a month were taking place at the BP Safeway garage on Stonebridge Highway in Finham.

Police decided on a radical solution: moving a portakabin onto the forecourt to act as a crime prevention base.

Beat officers now use the cabin as a base from which to patrol the area, and members of the community can meet there to discuss crime and safety issues.

Sgt Ian Marsh:

“The idea came about as a result of a problem-solving meeting.

“We looked at areas causing concern and were asked to come up with solutions.

“BP Safeway was a hotspot in our area an we worked together with their staff to do something about it.

“We have all been delighted with the result. Only the other day a woman motorist said that she now sued the service station because we were there and she felt safe.

“Since the portakabin was installed the £2,000 worth of drive-off thefts a month at the petrol station have reduced to a trickle.”

Paul Brant, manager of the BP Safeway service station, said:

“This makes life much easier for us. Obviously it is a visible deterrent and our staff and customers alike feel more secure knowing that the police are there.”

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