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Fog Lights Crackdown on Hazardous Drivers 

Daft motorists who use their fog lights in clear conditions in Coventry are facing a fine in a clampdown by traffic police.

Officers based at Fletchamstead Highway police station say that the blinding lights are being misused, and it is proving dangerous to other drivers.

A 30 fine will be imposed on drivers who break the law by going around with their fog lights on.

Acting Sergeant Nigel Fairburn said:

"We have been receiving complaints from members of the public who have been dazzled by motorists using their front fog lights when there is absolutely no need.

"The legislation states they are only to be used in conditions where visibility is serious impaired generally  when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet).

"We will be issuing fixed penalty fines of 30 to drivers who leave their front fog lights on despite the clear conditions.

"We believe that some motorists, especially young ones, are confused about their front fog lights and their use.

"Basically, if the lights are on a separate switch with a warning light on the dashboard, these are fog lights, and should only be used in extreme conditions.

"If they come on when you flick on the main beam switch then they are driving lights not fog lights and will disappear when the lights are dipped or switched off.

"Also drivers should ensure they remember to switch off rear fog lights after use as they can mask the brake lights of the car as well as dazzling motorists travelling behind."

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