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Race Claim Folds As Warden Quits 

A black Coventry traffic warden who accused colleagues of racial discrimination has resigned from the force and given up her claims at an employment tribunal.

Sharon Edwards, aged 34, had made claims about colleagues of all ranks at Little Park Street police station.

Yesterday she gave up her case and announced she was quitting. The tribunal formally dismissed her claims.

West Midlands Police have ordered a review into the procedures surrounding these kinds of disputes, but hotly deny that there was any discrimination against Mrs Edwards.

Director of personnel David Williams said:

”This employment tribunal has been costly in terms of time, management resources and the effect on staff.

“This force was always prepared to challenge the allegation on the basis that we are committed to all matters of equality and diversity.

"The force is rigorous over any form of discrimination on the basis that there was no case to answer.

"It was important that we contested this claim in order to support the staff who would have been called to respond.

“However there are management lessons to be learned as a result of this case and guidance will be issued shortly.”

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