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Appeal For Help With Belgrade Space Poser

Production staff at the Belgrade Theatre are appealing for help in solving a millennium mystery.

They are hoping to stage a recreation of the medieval mystery plays in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in the summer.

But so far they have not been able to find anywhere big enough to rehearse.

The production is being put on by the theatre and Polish company Teatr Biuro Podrozy.

A cast of 100 local performers will work alongside professional actors in the plays, which will be shown from 18 July to 5 August.

Before then, space is needed for the actors to rehearse in.

Head of Production Julien Boast said he was ideally looking for a space around 100ft square.

He said:

“The space would be required from 12 June for approximately 8 weeks, and would need to be warm, light and preferably on a ground floor.”

He added that smaller spaces would be considered, and any offers should be made on 024 7625 6431.
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Belgrade Theatre, Coventry - book online!

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