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A Quick Bash Through The Bible

Stilts, ostriches, fruit and easily assembled arks are all on show at the millennium mysteries, but it doesn’t stop a serious point being made.

ostrich in the millennium mystery playThe rapid trawl through the key stories of the Bible is ideally suited to the ruins of the old cathedral.

At first everything is a little confusing. The crowd, having lined up along the centre of the cathedral is immediately ushered to one end to see the story of Adam and Eve.

After a quick run through Cain and Abel, things pick up as the performers find their voice and the ingenuity of the set becomes apparent.

Noah and his band of helpers build a most impressive looking ark in no time at all, and there are several funny touches with the animals entering two by two.

The crowd is kept on its toes throughout the performance. There are no seats and actors and bits of scenery whizz in and out of view.

Fail to stay alert and you could be mown down by a marauding gladiator, an angel, an arc or even a giraffe.

The performance, a joint collaboration between the Polish Teatr Biuro Podrozy and the Belgrade Theatre, changes tack in the second half.

As darkness falls there is still some humour, but the tension surrounding King Herod builds up to a chilling climax.

It is at this point that it becomes clear how excellent the lighting is, and how well used the cathedral is.

The crucifixion of Christ (in this instance a wooden model) takes place above the cross of nails. The bell tower is used, as is a balustrade between old and new cathedral.

The millennium mysteries are an interesting mixture of old and new. The only remaining part of a traditional mummers play is used, and mixed with the special effects of today.

It is religious in content, but is suitable for a wider audience. Particularly those who want to see a turtle on stilts.

Until 5 August  2000. Running time: 2 hrs 20mins.

Performance times:

Mon – Sat 8.30pm

Ticket Prices: £7 to £10. details 024 7655 3055.


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