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Shakespeare In Love With The RSC

RSC Head of Music Stephen Warbeck nominated for an Oscar for his score for Shakespeare In Love.

One of the most obvious and mutually beneficial show-biz relationships has been established between the Royal Shakespeare Company and Hollywood. The RSC has been closely involved in the production of the current box-office hit film Shakespeare In Love, starring RSC actor Joseph Fiennes as Shakespeare himself. As well as featuring a host of top British actors, many of whom have worked at the RSC, Shakespeare In Love also showcases the talents of the company’s Music and Wardrobe departments.

New RSC Head of Music, Stephen Warbeck has just received an Oscar nomination for his soundtrack for Shakespeare In Love. Stephen joined the RSC as a full-time member of staff last year, following the retirement of Guy Woolfenden. Stephen’s earlier compositions for the company include stage music for Adrian Noble’s productions of The Tempest (1998) and Cymbeline (1997) and Michael Attenborough’s Romeo and Juliet (1997). Stephen also worked on the soundtrack for the recently acclaimed film Mrs Brown and the television drama Prime Suspect, for which he received a Bafta nomination for Best Original TV Music.

Antony Sher, currently seen on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Telegraph in Stratford-upon-Avon in The Winter’s Tale, plays Shakespeare’s psychiatrist in the film. Playing Shakespeare’s shrink has been second nature for Antony, who spent a considerable amount of time researching the psychological motives behind his character Leontes’ inexplicable madness in The Winter’s Tale.

Costumes from the acclaimed RSC Hire Wardrobe were loaned out to the film’s costume department. Worn by various RSC actors, and made by staff in the company’s Stratford Production Wardrobe, these costumes were selected for their authentic representation of clothes worn in the Elizabethan era. The RSC Hire Wardrobe also loaned costumes for the making of the film Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett and a film of The Clandestine Marriage, starring Nigel Hawthorne, to be released later this year.

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