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Bands2C : Bullit

@ Hand & Heart, Gosford Street, Saturday 3 April 1999

Bullit are a young, local four-piece band, with an already enthusiastic following and this was their first gig.

Fronted by a cherubic, floppy fringed lead singer with a nice raspy, distinctive voice, they began with a T-Rex staple, ‘20th Century Boy’, which in their capable hands found new meaning as we near Y2K.

Some original songs followed, which showed their inexperience with song writing, but considering these are early days, there is obviously a huge potential to improve. I particularly liked the ‘Wild Horses’ intro to one of their original songs, which proves that if you are going to lift a riff from a band then make it one of the best and you can’t get much better than the Rolling Stones.

John, the lead guitarist is the lynchpin of the band. Bullit’s version of ‘Honky Tonk Women’ showed off his skills to perfection.

In the middle of their set, a member of the audience was invited up to jam on a blues style song entitled ’Jonesy, Who Have You Robbed Now’. I’m sure this is an esoteric, in-joke with the band, which was unfortunately lost to the rest of the audience, but it worked well and the call and response chorus got everybody singing along.

A Beatles song from the White Album, with the unwieldy title of ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide, Except Me And My Monkey’ rounded off the hugely enjoyable set.

Bullit’s influences are all rather obvious at the moment, but every band has to start somewhere. For a first gig this was very competent and the lead singer has energy, attitude and confidence to spare. I look forward to seeing this band again, when they’ve got a few more original songs and some gig experience behind them, but for now, well done lads!


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