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Jobs To Come Together In Electronica Dream

New jobs are to be lured to Coventry by piggy-backing off Marconi’s new investment in the city.

Officers from Coventry City Council's Inward Investment Team will be in Munich, Germany this week promoting the city at a trade fair for companies who make and assemble electronic components.

They will be following up leads with companies from Europe and the USA and decided to go to this show due to the Marconi investment and the extra work this will bring for this business sector in the city.

Marconi are to create thousands of new jobs in the city at a new headquarters at Ansty.

More than 370 US exhibitors will be represented at the three-day biannual show called Electronica.

They will be told by the officers that Coventry is the perfect location for companies who have expansion plans or who are looking for a European base. 

Cllr Dave Batten, cabinet member, (Development and Renewal) said:

"The electronic sector has grown out of all proportion over recent years and it is currently an expanding area.

“That's why it is vital that we do all we can to encourage companies to take a look at what we have to offer - a great location and a highly skilled workforce.

“And with the expansion of Marconi there has never been a better time for us to try and attract even more investment and the new jobs this investment will bring."

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