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Coventry Joins International Food Fight

A leaflet shaped like a tortilla is being given to firms in the food industry to persuade them that Coventry is a tasty prospect for investment.

Officers from the city council’s Coventry Centre for Investment team are visiting the International Food Exhibition (IFE 2001) in London to promote the city as the perfect location for food sector investment. 

The bi-annual event is the country’s leading food and drink exhibition and is expected to attract 38.000 visitors from Europe and the United States.

Coventry is launching its new tortilla-shaped food sector leaflet at the show, which focuses on Mission Food's investment in the city.

The leaflet, called “A City With A Mission”, lists the reasons that Coventry has all the right ingredients to be the perfect base for food sector companies.

These include a workforce with the right skills, access to key markets, a central location, quality sites and premises and specialised support for this area of work.

European and American companies who are considering the UK as a location for investment or expansion will be targeted at the show.

 Cllr Dave Batten, cabinet member (Development and Renewal), said:

"We will be at this show to prove that Coventry can offer investors all the right ingredients. 

“Coventry is a city where the food sector prospers - and where everything is in place for continued and future growth.

“We also have the skills, easy access to key markets and top quality sites and premises - the total package that make us the perfect location.

“And we aim to bring back the bacon at this show and create new jobs for local people."

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