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Bulgaria Military Orders 36 Million System From Marconi

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence has ordered a fully-integrated tactical communications package worth 36 million from Marconi Communications, as part of a programme to make the systems used by its armed forces compatible with those used by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) members.

The order for Marconi's Field Integrated Communications Information System (FICIS) breaks new ground as the first in which the Bulgarian ministry has invited tenders from international suppliers for a major military contract, and was fiercely contested by leading manufacturers of communications equipment worldwide.

Marconi's successful bid follows interoperability trials over the last three years, during which Bulgarian armed forces have used the company's switching equipment to communicate with NATO forces. The country's move towards NATO compatibility is part of its desire to join the alliance and participate in the NATO Partnership For Peace initiative.

"We won the order on the basis of competitive price and our ability to provide Bulgaria with the latest communications technology which has already proved its effectiveness with military forces in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Turkey and Brazil," said Marconi Communications defence director Remo Pertica.

"The Bulgarian military will have a system which is fully interoperable with NATO forces, and increasingly with neighbouring countries in the region who are in the process of adopting compatible equipment."

The Bulgarian application of Marconi's FICIS equipment will provide the military with a fully-integrated package of mobile radio equipment, which can be operated from a variety of hard and soft-skinned vehicles, together with tactical command and control centres.

Delivery of the turnkey system is scheduled to begin in September. The first parts of the system will go into service by the end of this year and it is scheduled to become fully operational in 2001.

Marconi Communications is a world leader in smart broadband transmission and network integration. Based in the UK and Italy, it has sales to more than 140 countries and is wholly owned by GEC, a global manufacturer of intelligent electronic systems.

Marconi Communications Press Office   0115 906 4687


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