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NTL Sign 15m Deal With Marconi

NTL, the rapidly expanding provider of communications and entertainment services to business and domestic users, has signed an eight-year deal with Marconi Communications of Coventry to support key parts of its network.

The support package covers the installation, management and maintenance of a systems portfolio which currently includes 20 Marconi System X exchanges, critical elements of NTL's Coventry-built SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) transmission network, over 10,000 flexible access multiplexers, and several management systems. Before signing the new deal, NTL had a portfolio of one-year support programmes.

The new arrangement gives NTL a single contact number and escalation procedure and a service level agreement which specifies call out and repair deadlines. Tough penalty clauses kick in if Marconi Communications falls to hit any of the specified targets.

Marconi Communications will now manage NTL's key resources from its Coventry site and report straight into NTL's national control centre in Winchester.

Engineers can resolve many issues over the line from Coventry and can also send out rapid-response teams from Coventry and a large number of regional centres.

Welcoming the agreement, Colin Whitbread, NTL's group director network management centre, said:

"The new arrangement gives us the optimum level of support while controlling our costs. We are expanding rapidly at the moment in both the business and domestic markets and it's vital that we can assure all our customers of the highest levels of reliability."

NTL has recently taken over several cable franchises, including ComCast Teeside, ComTel, Cambridge Cable and Diamond Cable.

Marconi Communications Coventry-based director of UK business Kevin Hourigan, said:

"We believe that this kind of long-term support package is the best possible option for Marconi Communications and its partners, allowing us to confidently guarantee the highest levels of service to companies whose own customers are equally demanding."

Marconi Communications is a world leader in smart broadband transmission, access equipment and network integration. It has sales to more than 140 countries, a major presence in the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy and South Africa and is wholly owned by GEC, a global manufacturer of intelligent electronic systems.


NTL Incorporated is a leading alternative telecommunications company, owning and operating one of only five independent national telecommunications networks in the UK. It offers national business telecommunications, national and international carrier telecommunications services, plus satellite and radio communications services. Through its local telecommunications division, NTL offers residential telephony, residential cable TV and Internet services over advanced broadband fibre networks in six franchise areas in the UK. Its broadcast services division operates a national broadcast transmission network of over 1,200 owned and shared transmission sites and offers digital and analogue broadcast transmission services to major TV and radio stations nationwide.

Marconi Communications Press Office   0115 906 4687


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