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Marconi To Create 3,000 New Jobs In Coventry

Up to 3,000 jobs are to be created in Coventry as part of a massive expansion by Marconi Communications.

The IT and communications firm is to move from its current base in New Century Park, Stoke, to a new site at Antsy.

It will build a high-tech research and development facility to keep the company ahead of the game in the international market.

The move will create up to 3,000 high-tech jobs, with computer graduates being targeted by the firm for recruitment.

The New Century Park site will be reused for employment land.

The development site at Ansty, which is roughly the size of the Coventry Business Park on the old Rover site in Canley, has been switched to Marconi in a deal brokered by Coventry City Council.

Bosses at Marconi said they wanted to move somewhere larger, but preferred to stay in Coventry.

Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers is expected to announce the details of the move in Coventry on Monday.

The greenfield site has been swapped with Marconi by development agency Advantage West Midlands for the New Century Park site.

Cllr Bob Waugh, cabinet member in charge of Development and Renewal, said he was delighted that the firm had opted to stay and expand in Coventry.

He said:

“They could have gone anywhere in the world but they came to us several months ago and said they wanted a new site.

“They asked us to help them because we have had a good working relationship with them in the past.

“Obviously it’s great for the city in terms of the number of jobs.

“It is something particularly for young people in Coventry to work to and aspire.

“They’ve got a lot of people working in the city who will transfer and they will offer opportunities for people to come in to the city.

“It is testament to the work that we as a city council, both officers and members, have put in.”

Marconi switched from heavy industry into IT market several years ago and make optical networks and switch gear for leading telephone and computer companies including British Telecom, Microsoft, Cable and Wireless and Mannesmann.

It currently employs 45,000 people worldwide, 16,000 in Britain.

A Marconi spokesperson said:

"No final decision has been made. We are expecting an official announcement next week.

"We are a fast-growing company and we've been growing worldwide Recently we created 1,000 new jobs in Pittsburgh."

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