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Marconi Coventry Wins Russian Contract

Marconi Communications of Coventry has won what is believed to be the first-ever contract to supply the latest European standard mobile radio technology in the Russian Federation. It has been chosen for the Metro System underground railway of St Petersburg.

The system, known as TETRA (TERRestrial Trunked Radio), was selected by the St Petersburg Research Institute of Fine Mechanics, main contractors for the project.

"Our solution is fully standards-compliant and also innovative, flexible and cost-competitive. The customer can also implement it in stages rather than needing a considerable initial investment - an important factor for St Petersburg,"

said Mike Parton Coventry-based managing director of Marconi Communications.

TETRA (TERRestrial Trunked Radio) is a new type of wireless communication system. Its handsets and in-vehicle terminals are ideal for any group of users needing high-performance wireless communications, including the emergency services, construction companies, public utilities and public services (such as customs or environment protection), transport, utilities, industry (manufacturing, mining, oil) and the military.

A European standard that is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon, TETRA heralds a new era in wireless communications. Its combination of performance, features and facilities cannot be matched by any other mobile communications standard, including faster data speeds than any mobile technology currently available.

"TETRA is the most appropriate technology not only for our current needs, but for new applications that will emerge as we expand our services. Marconi's design ensures the initial installation will be scaled to be able to support double the actual number of trains"

said Vladimir Garjugin, Director General, Petersburg Metropolitan.

This success comes less than a week after the company announced a 29 million order to modernise the AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) aircraft operated by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). The order, from The Boeing Company, Seattle, is to develop a new on-board system for the AWACS aircraft to enable it to interrogate targets and identify friends and foes.

Marconi Communications is a world leader in smart broadband transmission and network integration. It was formed by the merger of GPT Limited, Marconi SpA, GEC Hong Kong and other businesses wholly owned by GEC, a global manufacturer of intelligent electronic systems.


Today, most public safety organisations, such as ambulance services, run their own (analogue) systems known as PMR (Private Mobile Radio); many other users rely on systems from network operators. TETRA can replace both types of network, supporting private and public users.

TETRA combines the features of digital cellular, mobile radio, wireless data and paging. It offers national coverage, high voice quality, fast call set-up and support for private workgroups of users. It delivers secure, high-quality communications whatever the signal conditions and in noisy environments, with easy-to-use, two-way conversation - including full interconnection with the fixed telephone network. Internet access and even image transmission have been demonstrated successfully.

MORE INFORMATION: Marconi Communications Press Office 0115 9433687

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