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Marconi Coventry's 100m Card Technology Milestone

Sales of GPT Card Technology's Coventry-manufactured telephone cards to Oman have topped the 100 million mark following a 2.5m contract announced today with the country's telecommunications network operator GTO (General Telecommunications Organisation).

The new order, one of the largest ever won by GPT Card Technology, part of Marconi Communications, follows previous successes in Oman.

"The first product delivered to the GTO was over a decade ago, and since this time, both parties have built up an excellent relationship achieved through good business practice and the reliability of GPT's products".

said Roy Dwan, Middle East Sales Manager, GPT Card Technology.

The GIM card (GPT Imprint Magnetic) is a low cost but highly secure pre-payment telephony card, which is only available from GPT Card Technology. World renowned for its high security, the GIM card has and will continue to be a major brand for GPT in the future.

"The GIM card offers a level or security not possible with other magnetic cards, and security is very important when choosing to purchase such high volumes of cards", said Mr Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al Tiwaniy, Director General of Finance, at the GTO. "Primarily though, the finish on the GIM card is excellent, and the service element displayed by GPT has always been faultless."

GPT produces all card technologies, including magnetic, contact, contactless and Combi smart cards, all manufactured under international quality and environmental standards ISO9001 and ISO 14000.

Some of GPT's more recent successes in the Middle East include: The supply of 5000 intelligent street phones to the Saudi MOPTT (Ministry of Post Telegraph and Telecommunications; 10 million magnetic cards for Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance; and a 1.4 million order for the GTO earlier this year.

GPT Card Technology, launched in February 1995, is the UK's largest smart card manufacturer. In three years, GPT Card Technology has grown to become an established leader in the supply of smart cards of all types, currently exporting to over 50 countries worldwide, with annual sales of over 140 million cards.

GPT Card Technology is a part of Marconi Communications, world leader in smart broadband transmission and network integration. Based in the UK and Italy, it has sales to more than 140 countries and is wholly owned by GEC, a global manufacturer of intelligent electronic systems.


GPT Card Technology has a world-class reputation for high print quality of its cards. Investment in digital proofing technology via high-speed ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) links enables the rapid transfer of card designs between GPT and customers around the world.

The GIM Card offers a level of security not possible with other magnetic cards. This is because the GIM card has a coercivity of approximately 3000 Oersteds which is ten times that for standard credit cards. The technology used to achieve this standard is exclusive to GPT Card Technology.

Marconi Communications Press Office 0115 9433687

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