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Bollards Stay For Mop Fair

Council taxpayers in Leamington and Warwick have been spared a big bill to shift dozens of bollards - to ensure the annual Mop fair can go ahead.

Voters in the district had been due to pick up the tab for the new road blocks, seats and rubbish bins to be cleared to make way for the fair’s stalls.

But angry traders along the newly pedestrianised Swan Street have forced a rethink on the issue - and only the moveable road blocks will now be taken out.

Council bosses had been considering digging up the newly laid slabs to let the Mop stalls onto the road, in keeping with an ancient charter.

The bill for the work and pavement replacement would have run into thousands of pounds, which would have fallen on the taxpayer.

Organisers of the Mop, which runs this weekend and is open again next, wanted the whole road for their stalls to ensure adequate access in the event of a fire.

They cited a charter which stipulates the streets have to be clear, and said they told the council the bollards would have to be removable.

A Chamber of trade spokesman said:

"It seems absurd that the council should spend all that money on making the road nice for pedestrians only to rip it all up soon after.

"We have made our views known and are glad to say that a common sense compromise has been reached."

Just half of the 30 bollards will now be pulled from the ground, and those are all moveable without damaging the pavement.

Traders believe nearby grass areas would be a better future site for the Mop, which regularly attracts thousands of fun lovers every year.

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