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Bonfire Night Safety Drive

Revellers are facing a crack-down on their Bonfire night celebrations this year.

For the first time ever, all bangers have been declared illegal, mini-rockets are not on sale and sparklers will be marked with a warning that they are only for use by over 5s.

Jumping jacks and other fireworks with an erratic flight will not be sold to the general and shopkeepers will not be able to split selection packs for individual sale.

The changes were due to be put before the environment and transportation team of the Coventry City Council as part of a national drive to improve safety.

Some of the rules came in last year and there was a dramatic reduction in injuries caused by fireworks. The figures were down by 26 per cent, the lowest for 6 years and the biggest fall for 23 years.

Council officers from the Trading Standards Department will visit all retailers in the next week to advise them of the changes in the law.

Manjit Dhaliwal, a principal trading standards officer, said the rules were in place for the public good:

"The whole idea is to increase public safety. The fireworks that have tended to attract the hooligan element have been banned and that is one reason why we have seen a drop in injuries.

"Next week is the National Consumer Week which is all about safety so there will naturally be an emphasis on fireworks night.

"We wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun at all and if people intend to have a private firework party we would just advise them to follow the instructions carefully and use their common sense. If they do then there should be no problems.

"All fireworks should be labelled with British Standard BS7114 meaning they comply with all safety requirements."


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