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[28 MAR 00] CW2000 NEWS
CW2000 Project Open For Business

A new initiative to allow small and medium sized businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire exploit the Internet is now signing up members.

Eligible firms that subscribe to the CW2000 project will be given special help to make the most out of e-commerce.

Companies that join the ground-breaking project will be provided with a comprehensive package that includes the latest PC hardware, networking technology and technical support and training.

The two-year project, which is being supported by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund, has been developed by Coventry University.

Other partners in the venture include Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber, Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council, the University of Warwick.

A business news service for and about the companies that sign up will be run by CWN.

Technical partners include BT, FirstNet, Hewlett Packard, NTL, Sony and VIS.

BT has brought forward its deployment of ADSL in Coventry and Warwickshire specifically to service the project, in a multi-million pound investment.

ADSL – which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – enables high-speed access to the Internet over ordinary BT telephone lines.

The package also includes comprehensive warranty arrangements, access to coordinated business support and the opportunity to work with suppliers in piloting new services - eg the use of video-conferencing in the work-place, and smart card technology.

The CW2000 project, which is based at the Coventry University TechnoCentre in Puma Way, also hosts a training centre, and a Solutions Showcase for demonstrating technical solutions to business problems.

Malcolm Gillespie, Chief Executive of the Chamber said:

"CW2000 brings together the necessary technologies and support in a single package designed to free businesses from concerns about the technical infrastructure so that they can focus on exploiting the exciting opportunities offered by the technologies – particularly in terms of e-commerce.

"This is a really exciting development. It will put Coventry and Warwickshire SMEs at the forefront of the Internet revolution while significantly boosting the economic prosperity of the area."

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