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[02 OCT 00] CW2000 NEWS
Try Out The Latest Technology In City Cafe

Coventry people are being given the chance to use cutting-edge technology as the result of a pioneering multi-million pound project running in the city.

Richard Hooper (top) and Ken Marshall (seated)The Harry Shaw Group, the Coventry-based coach and computer company, has signed up to the CW2000 project and is letting visitors to its cyber café reap the benefits.

CW2000 is an initiative directed at improving the competitiveness of small and medium businesses in the area by giving them the latest technology and support to make the most out of it.

The project, based at Coventry University’s Technocentre gives firms independent technical and business advice. CWN is signed up as a partner to provide news about developments in the project.

It also enables businesses to use British Telecom's new ADSL network allowing ultra high-speed connection to the internet over a conventional telephone line.

That is now in place at the Harry Shaw Cyber Café off Shelton Square - the first public access point in the region using the technology.

Richard Hooper of HST Computer Services, which maintains the café's network, said:

"We have attracted over 4,000 surfers to the café since it opened six months ago and we want to provide them with the best technology available.

"We have worked with lots of local firms and organisations to integrate ADSL provided by the CW2000 project into their existing network.

"CW2000 is a complete package supplying much of what we needed on a company wide basis so we thought we should make use of it in the café and allow the public to benefit as well."

"HST is a dedicated computer arm and therefore we have to be across all technological developments. CW2000 allows us to do that and it also means we are supporting local development."

CW2000 is supported by a combination of funding from the private and public sectors, including the European Regional Development Fund.

The partners include Coventry University, The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber or Commerce, Training and Enterprise, Warwick University, Coventry City Council and Warwick County Councils, BT, Sony, ntl, and VIS.

Ken Marshall, Business Link Manager at The Chamber, said companies could still apply to join CW2000.

"We do still have spaces on the project for local eligible companies. There are a range of options with charges varying from nothing at all to minimal contributions."

"It is a very exciting project which offers a great opportunity for companies to make the most of cutting edge technology, boost their own strength and thereby strengthen the area's economy."

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