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See The New Lotus Position At Design Show

A full-scale model of a radical new design for a Lotus sports car of the future will be one of the star attractions at this year's Coventry University design show.

The New Concept Lotus

Designed by Transport Design student Ted Mannerfelt, the sportster seats two passengers in tandem, in a jet fighter-style sealed cockpit.

It has a striking silver metallic paint job and darkened reflective windows, which lends it a space shuttle like appearance.

In production the new Lotus would also have rocket-like acceleration of 0-60 in just five seconds, tilting into corners like a motorcycle - but amazingly would be capable of 100 mpg fuel consumption.

Ted, who comes from Sweden, said:

"Using a combination of electric and natural gas power plants it is quite possible to get excellent performance with green credentials to match.

"In Scandinavian countries pollution control is at the top of the political agenda, and this has informed my design of a car that performs without polluting.

Ted undertook his student work placement with Lotus but then, with encouragement from Russell Carr, the Head of Design for Group Lotus Ltd and himself a Coventry University graduate, he began work on his vision of a Lotus of the future.

He added:

"I have received a great deal of encouragement from Lotus, who have provided me with workshop space at their Coventry operation, as well as the materials, tools and computer aided design know-how to help my idea become reality."

The very latest computer design software package, known as ALIAS, was used in the vehicle's design, and was provided at a discount by the software company.

Ted said:

"I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to produce the vehicle, which will be exhibited in a specially erected marquee throughout the week-long show."

The show, which is being opened later this week by Penny Mallory from the Channel Four programme Driven, will be open to the public at Coventry City's ground.

It includes work from Automotive Engineering Design; Consumer Product Design; Graphic Design; Industrial Product Design; and Communication Authoring and Design students.

Viewing will be from 17-21 June.

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Intents Marquees

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