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Robot Wars End As Machines Seek Love

Unloved robots are moving to Coventry to try and find someone who will give them a chance of taking a place on the world stage.

British manufacturing robots are not attracting enough bright young people to take an interest in their current use in industry or their future development.

Those humans who care about the future of manufacturing robotics in the UK have decided to move their British Automation and Robotics Association to the University of Warwick.

BARA will use the Warwick Manufacturing Groupís contacts and technical reputation to draw more interest to British robotics from leading technical, academic, and business figures and organisations.

BARA will run in partnership with the groupís automation application research group, led by Dr Ken Young.

This will allow it to utilise Warwick Manufacturing Group's facilities to win back much of the ground lost in recent years to other countries.

The UK has been overtaken in its use of automation technology by a number of nations,  including Spain.

Dr Young said:

"If we are to maintain any manufacturing industry here it is important that this trend is reversed.

ďThis link will make independent advice on robot application available to industry and will ensure that automation is used appropriately."

Dr Young said one of the main problems facing manufacturing industry and manufacturing robotics in particular has been the lack of quality people wishing to get involved.

This is caused in the main by the poor image most people have of the industry.

Dr Young added that he believes that BARA's new partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group will help build on the interest that has been created in robots by television programs such as Robot Wars and attract a stream of technically capable graduates.

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