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Firms Urged To Look To Future With Robots 

Businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire have so far proved immune to the lure of robots, and risk missing out on an insight into the automated world.

A special seminar is being held to encourage small firms to look at using robots to make their businesses more efficient and competitive.

Robot in actionBut so far companies have been reluctant to sign up, and organisers are warning them that they risk losing out on a golden opportunity.

Ken Young, of the British Automation and Robotics Association, which is based at the University of Warwick, said the aim was to point out the basic mistakes most companies make in their first automation project.

He said many firms had not considered the potential uses of robots, and despite booming sales, Britain still lags behind other industrial nations.

Dr Young said winning over the staff who would be using the machinery was one of the major obstacle many companies had to clear.

“People think that robots can lead to job losses. It doesn’t make them redundant, it makes them more relied upon.

“Normally it is failing to automate that loses jobs.”

Research by BARA shows that price of robots is at an all-time low, and Dr Young said there is a false perception that they are difficult to programme and maintain.

He said that quite complicated models can now cost as little as £20,000, and:

“The average video recorder is harder to programme.”

More details about the seminar on 27 September, which is funded by the DTI and is being held at the university campus, from the BARA website.
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