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More Cash For Fellows As Warwick Fights Back 

Warwick University has launched a £1 million effort to entice the brightest students in the land to take up PhD study.

The Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellowship Scheme is being run to combat the allure of highly-paid jobs in industry.

It follows national calls for a better deal for PhD students to stop them leaving universities in pursuit of better-paid jobs.

At least 35 research fellows will be taken on in the scheme.

Ken Sloan, from the University of Warwick's Graduate School said:

"We have woken up to the fact that our biggest competitors are not just other universities, but are other graduate employers.

“If we do not improve the financial package we offer and provide a real professional career path it will be increasingly difficult to persuade the best graduates to stay on in the University system and provide the next generation of researchers and teachers."

Under the scheme the PhD students will have their academic fees paid in full.

They will also receive a maintenance allowance of £8,000 a year  - £1,000 more than the normal rate currently offered by UK Research Councils.

In return the Fellows will undertake 110 hours of research, teaching or academic administrative work within their department – for which they will be trained.
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