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Education, Education, Education All Get Top Marks

Teachers teaching teachers at the University of Warwick have been given top marks by government inspectors for the quality of their work.

The three Education departments received 24 out of 24 following a thorough examination of the teaching practices.

Inspectors went to great lengths to praise the quality of the teaching sessions they saw saying in their report that "they were of a consistently high standard - the only word to describe them is 'fantastic'".

This is Warwick's fourth perfect score, the other departments to gain this score being Sociology, Theatre Studies, and Physics.

The inspection team praised all three of the University education departments they assessed – Warwick's Institute of Education, The Centre for English Language Teacher Education (CELTE), and the University's Department of Continuing Education.

The inspectors also praised:

"The wide range of vocationally relevant, academically challenging and well-organised and structured courses which meet the needs of students and their sponsors locally, nationally and internationally"

Other comments include:

  • Courses are enhanced by research and scholarship"
  • Student work is impressive “much of it was publishable or published"
  • The university’s international office and support for international students was highlighted among the “excellent student support” of offer.
  • The role of the Students Union in supporting students was also praised, as were the course progression and completion rates
  • Effective and very positive relations with partner colleges for the Certificate in Education course
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