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Watch Clinton's Warwick Speech On The Web

Bill Clinton’s speech from the University of Warwick on Thursday will be broadcast on the internet.

He is to visit the Arts Centre to make a keynote foreign policy trip as art of a brief visit to England.

Today he arrived in Ireland for a mix of talks and employment – including a visit to the Guinness factory.

His visit to Warwick University on Thursday will cover foreign policy, and will be followed by an address by Prime Minster Tony Blair.

Warwick was apparently selected for the visit on the advice of Mr Blair.

President Clinton’s National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said:

“The President will deliver a speech at Warwick University, about 150 miles outside of London.

“The President will speak there to one of the greatest challenges the world faces over the next decade: to narrow the unsustainable gap between rich and poor among and within nations, focusing on issues we have been devoting considerable time and resources to in recent years, such as Third World debt relief; fighting infectious diseases such as AIDS, which are devastating parts of the developing world; basic education rights; and the digital divide - all of what might be called the new development agenda for the 21st century.”

The speech can be watched at 
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