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New Science Park Company Provides 24 Hour Service For Doctors Seeking Fast Infection Diagnoses

Micropathology Ltd, one of the latest companies to join the University of Warwick Science Park, is providing a 24 hour clinical advice service for medical colleagues on all aspects of infectious disease.

This service is available to the medical profession to discuss suspected acute and chronic infections, vaccination and likely exposure in travel and on return if unwell.

In individual cases where laboratory investigation is required the company can provide advice at any time for the patient’s physician to see if its specialised testing is appropriate for a clinical problem and advise on the most suitable clinical specimens for laboratory diagnosis.

This service is coupled with an in-house research programme which allows continuing refinement of the diagnostic processes, independently assessing the latest developments in infectious disease diagnosis technology. The focus of this research is on molecular amplification techniques which detect minute quantities of the nucleic acid of organisms involved in human and animal infectious disease.

Micropathology combines a state-of-the-art diagnostic service for infectious disease for hospital doctors and general practitioners and community physicians, with a research programme on infectious organisms in man and animals including, for example, the presently unresolved problem of the source of Cattle TB infection in the UK and also infection problems of children in Africa with HIV.

The company works closely with 19 of the UK's public health laboratories and many hospitals both in the UK and others overseas. The specialist work includes paediatric research and diagnostic work with the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, and St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington and also with St Thomas's and St George's Hospitals in London as well as teaching hospitals throughout the country.

UK healthcare providers are increasingly over-stretched in their ability to rapidly diagnose infectious diseases. The number of clinical virologists organising this sort of work in UK hospitals has fallen from 40 to around 25 just in the short period of time Micropathology has existed as a company.

Companies like Micropathology are able to offer the medical profession an economic, round the clock service that can deliver fast results of investigation in infection coupled with very high laboratory standards. This service is provided together with efficient and tailored joint research protocols designed by the company scientists.

The specialised services also include: occupational health screening for companies; specialised testing for Transplant Units and patients with transplants or for those who are immunosuppressed; investigations of infections in mother and baby both in pregnancy and the new-born, and an infection screen for in-vitro fertilisation partcipants.

Micropathology Ltd is the only laboratory in the UK to provide a through-pregnancy testing service for Toxoplamsa gondii infection. This testing is mandatory in Austria, France and Italy but not available under the NHS. The Company collaborates with the NHS and PHLS as well as private service laboratories and will help, where appropriate, with any locally conducted NHS laboratory studies.

Dr Colin Fink, Micropathology Ltd
University of Warwick Science Park
Tel: 024 76 323222


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