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Vandals Leave Ford Alone At Last

More public art is to be installed at a Coventry beauty spot after a spate of summer vandalism put a hold to improvements being made.

Volunteers who look after Caney Ford in Earlsdon were horrified to discover new sculptures damaged by yobs in recent months.

They had been installed as part of a £140,000 makeover of the meadow and stream area.

Cash had been raised by the Friend of Canley Ford, and a grant secured from the Millennium Commission to secure the land for the public for the next 999 years.

Vandals, believed to be youngsters started causing damage to the sculptures in the remote sections of the fields.

But the number of incidents has gone done since the daylight hours have started to shorten, and the volunteers are preparing to carry on the work.

Chairman Adrian Dyke said:

“We have been given some money by Severn Trent and we are going to have another mural, this time of Kingfisher, as that has proved popular.

”Generally we have done all the work down there now.

“We had a few problems during the summer months, but it seems to have died down now. The problem is it is difficult to keep an eye on it to see if there is anyone causing any trouble there.”

Mr Dyke welcomed plans to install a toucan crossing at the end of Chater Avenue.

The scheme was in the original plans for the millennium Green, but had to be excluded because of the cost involved.

He said:

”A lot of people go from Earlsdon that way to the university and Canley, so it will make it much easier to cross the A45.

“And it will also make it easier for people from Canley to come and visit the ford.”

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