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Stratford Warned Over Lethal Litter

RSPCA inspectors in the West Midlands have launched a campaign against litter following a number of incidents of birds and animals being hurt by rubbish.

The “lethal litter” campaign is trying to urge people to make sure they dispose of their rubbish properly, instead of just dropping it.

Inspectors in the area are growing concerned at the amount of calls they are receiving in the region.

A list of accident blackspots has been drawn up including Stratford town centre after a goose died because of a fishing line injury in the river.

Inspector Paul Lane, who found the bird, said the line had become embedded in the goose’s leg so tightly it had swollen to three times its normal size.

He said:

“The goose must have been suffering for a long time as the line was deeply embedded in the flesh.

“It was a very bad injury and sadly the goose had to be humanely destroyed to end its suffering.

“Fishermen must realise the consequences of their actions by leaving fishing lines lying around on river banks.”

A pigeon in Leamington also suffered because of fishing line when it got caught up in a 60ft high tree in Mill Street.

It tried to fly away when firefighters tried to reach him and pulled the line tighter. This caused it to be pulled back and the bird was left dangling upside down.

The pigeon was cut down and eventually released back in the wild.

The lethal litter campaign is being backed up with an education pack aimed at children in schools near the blackspots.
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