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Deer Caught In City Centre Toilet

A deer that has been on the run in Coventry city centre for several weeks was caught today – in a public toilet.

Muntjac deerThe adult Muntjac deer had been spotted roaming the city centre for food. It had been seen in streets right in the centre of town, such as Little Park Street.

The fugitive deer was spotted today and was finally caught after being herded into the men’s toilets in Leigh Mills car park.

RSPCA animal collection officer Steven Lloyd, who took the deer for treatment for a minor leg injury, said the deer may have come from the War Memorial Park.

He said:

“The deer was seen wandering around the city centre for several weeks and even past the police station but was proving very difficult to catch.

“It had probably been scavenging for food under the cover of darkness to survive having wandered into the centre from the park.

“The deer suffered a minor injury to its leg which it will be treated for before being released back into the countryside.”

ACO Lloyd said the deer was well away from its natural habitat and needed to be returned.

He said:

“This deer has survived very well in the city centre, but it is far from an ideal place for it to live.

“It has survived scavenging for food so far, but it needs to be back in the countryside in its natural habitat where it belongs.”

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