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Guestbook - February 1996

[24 FEB 96]

A Coventry home page - I feel very nostalgic. Anyone out there attend Tile Hill Wood Comprehensive School when it first opened in 1960? I grew up in Coventry but I have been living in Vancouver since 1970 and have visited Coventry on several occasions over the years. It would be nice to hear from a school "chum" - my maiden name was ENSOR.

Keep up the good work!

Carol Warren (nee Ensor) <>

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[24 FEB 96]

Hello, My name is Michael LaChappelle from Coventry CT in the USA. I just stopped in to introduce my self. I am 42 years of age, married with 8 children. I presently am the Chief of the fire department. When I was going to school we had an exchange program with your city of the students. I unfortunately missed out on visiting due to financial constaints that my parents had. It is very interesting to read about your programs and hope to check in occasionally.

Michael H LaChappelle < >

[Note: See Michael's next entry 28 June. Coventry CT is one of Coventry's Twin Cities]

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[22 FEB 96]

Is there any chance of you getting some more pictures on the homepage? For example, a recent picture of downtown Coventry when it is busy. My brother, Michael Jackson (of course not the POP star) works at Benneton informed me that things have changed so much in the last few years. The Americans are fascinated about our double decker buses. Maybe include some pictures of the local buses.

Trevor Jackson <>

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[17 FEB 96]

My name is Geoff Bailey, and I'm currently writing a review of web sites on the internet. I'm also researching my family heritage and my grandmother is from Coventry so I think it's great that I can actually see some pictures of Coventry.

My grandmother's maiden name was Gerome, and she's a "war bride". My grandfather was over there for WWII and that's how they met. Anyway, thanks for the pictures. I plan on making this site one of the hot links off of my home web page, on my family tree section.

Thanks, Geoff <>

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[7 FEB 96]

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Coventry Community Network Pages. I have visited your web site, which I must congratulate you on, and I would be delighted to include a link to it within my web site. Although Coventry is outside my constituency [Birmingham West], I feel that your pages provide a very useful service for everyone in the area, and I will add a link when I update the pages in the next few days. If you feel it appropriate to include a link to my pages, then you are very welcome to.

Best wishes,

John Tomlinson MEP <>

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[7 FEB 96]

Cornwall and Coventry are twinned cities.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to link our web sites. I think our respective communities would have much to gain from greater contact.


Bob Peters <>
Economic Development Officer
City of Cornwall

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