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Guestbook - May 1996

[30 MAY 96]

Hello Coventry,

Henry Sturmey (I think) owned a factory around 1902 or 1903 in Coventry. I would like to contact someone in this family. Help please if you can.

Herman S Minges <>

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[26 MAY 96]

Does anyone know how many 3 cylinder Duryea Automobiles (if any) were produced in Coventry under license by Duryea Power Company of Reading Pa. USA ? This would have been around 1902. Information is need for Duryea Automobile Web Site. Or may be you could give me the E-Mail address of some one who could help.

Herman S Minges II <>

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[24 MAY 96]


Just a quick note to say that now I know the Coventry Community Network exists, I will use it to kept me up to date as to what is happening in and around Coventry !!!!

From an Ex-Coventry Lad who has been living in Ipswich for the past 8 years, who has only just got access to The Net at work ?!?


Steve Griffiths <>

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[20 MAY 96]

I am a Coventrian, and came across OUR page by chance. I am very impressed with the range of articles, and it is great to see so many ex-residents leaving comments here. A fuller history of Coventry would be good to see and surely a written history would be fairly easy to post here. A lot of our visitors from around the world would appreciate it.

Catherine O'Grady <>

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[20 MAY 96]

Is there anybody living in southern Ontario, Canada who grew up in Coventry (Canley, Wolf Road area) circa 1950 -1970? Please let me know - I would like to find people I grew up with

Anthony Eales <>

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[20 MAY 96]

Great to see a page dedicated to Coventry. I had corresponded with a fellow from Holbrooks, Coventry for a few years and he has since disappeared! I was wondering if anyone out there knows an Anthony Smith - he is about 25 years old and was working in a factory last I heard. He also travels frequently to Egypt, Morocco, etc. I would love it if the Coventry phonebook were online...the overseas operator can never seem to find Anthony when I call to get his number. Any help would be appreciated.

Jennifer Langley <>
Boston, Mass, USA

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[18 MAY 96]

Hello, this is a great page - I'm glad I found it.

I will be moving to Coventry in a few months with my wife and I was wondering if you might know of a service or agency that could tell us the general cost of rentals within the downtown area of Coventry. We are looking of a house with a small yard (garden) and 1200 sq ft and 2 bedrooms ( we hope to have guests visit us regularly).

I appreciate any help,

Bryan and Suzanne Browne <>

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[17 MAY 96]

Nice to see a page up for Coventry. I'm currently studying at Sheff Hallam Uni, but my home town is Cov. At least I can keep up with local issues...

Chris Johnson <>

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[14 MAY 96]

I have found your network to have improved over the last several months. I am glad to see the NEWS section. I will be visiting your area in the fall and I like to get to know an area before I visit. Your network makes this easy. Keep up the good work.

John H Blazek Willowick, Ohio, USA <>

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[10 MAY 96]

It would be useful if a list of nightclubs in Coventry and the surrounding area was included in the Arts & Entertainments pages. It could list what events are on, giving details of times and prices etc.

Otherwise, we have enjoyed looking through your pages, and found them both interesting and informative.

Yours sincerely

<Robin Salih> & David Jenkinson (Warwick University students)

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[7 MAY 96]

Really good web site. My parents live in Stoke, but I'm down here in Falmouth doing a journalism degree course. My hobbies include the Sky Blues, listening to music and getting pissed...don't all students. Why isn't the CET on line yet. It should be.....

Alex Barker <>

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[6 MAY 96]


I am a Coventrian living in Kiel, Germany. Just wanted to say that I think your web pages are excellent. Very useful for checking facts and figures for when I return next week.


Colin Moore <>

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[4 MAY 96]

Great to see you on the net, coming over in May and hope to meet old friends from Caludon Castle and Morris Engines.

Mike Casey now living in Canada <>

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