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Guestbook - July 1996

[23 JUL 96]

I'm hoping to contact anybody that knew me from Foxford School 1979-1984, or anyone else that knows me in the West Midlands. I grew up in Courthouse Green attending the Infant and Junior schools, then going on to Foxford. I've been living in Colchester, Vermont, USA since May 1995 and I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. My maiden name was ROUSE, first name is Cherie. Please email me at: <> or <>

Best wishes, and good luck with the guestbook and bringing people together!

Cherie KM Davis, The University of Vermont

(See previous entry 8 November 1995)

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[14 JUL 96]

Someone can help me, I know! Greetings from Dexter, Missouri, USA.

My name is Glen Michael Perkins, and I am distantly but directly descended form John Perkins who was born in Hillmorton, Warwickshire in 1583. I'll bet that no-one under 420 years old remembers this event, but I hope that someone will share an interest in it, and can help me answer the following questions:

Where is (was) Hillmorton in Warwickshire? Does the town still exist? Is there a roadmap that shows its location and is there a URL to access such a map? Has Hillmorton become a part of a larger city? If so, which one and where? Are there any relatives of mine (descendants or descendants of progenitors of John Perkins) still in the area? If so, who and where are you (they)? Is there internet access to you (them)? Are you a Perkins and might be kin?

Any information which will further my quest would be greatly appreciated.

Glen M Perkins <>

And again:

[12 SEP 96]


Still looking for any descendant of Peter Morley (Pierre DeMorlais) Perkins. If you have an ancestor named "Perkins" who lived in Hillmorton, Warwickshire in the 13, 14, or 1500's, please let me hear from you. Hillmorton was very near Rugby.

Glen M Perkins

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[1 JUL 96]

It is really enjoyable reading the guestbook. I grew up in Coventry and went to President Kennedy School. I used to work on the counters mainly at Hertford Street PO, and also on relief in Warwickshire towns, but left Coventry in 1987 to live in the London area. My husband works for the Reuters news agency and we are on an expatriate posting in Singapore, which is incredibly clean and safe for a tropical city, (only 85 miles north of the Equator). All of my family still live in Coventry, and I am looking forward to spending some of my home leave in July and August with my sister in Coundon. My husband, Peter, aka Slim, went to UMIST and was sponsored through his electronics engineering degree by GEC at Stoke, and worked in telecommunications on the motorways prior to joining Reuters in 1985. We would love to hear from anyone who knows us or is passing through Singapore. Maybe we will see you in the Wallace at Keresley this Summer!

Best regards, Dawn (nee Watson) and Peter Marsden <>

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