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Guestbook - August 1996

[31 AUG 96]

Hello there,
may I add my thanks and congratulations in your guest book. Although I have lived in Canada for twenty five years I am still a Coventry kid at heart. My eighty two year old mother still lives in her own home in Radford. I was brought up in Foleshill went to Paradise Infant School, Edgewick junior and Broad Street senior before it became Broad Heath! I would be delighted to hear from anyone who attended these schools between 1941 and 1951. My name before I married was Irene Brookes. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Irene Elliott <>

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[28 AUG 96]

My name is Leslie Scherret, I live in Michigan US. I'm looking for a friend that lives in Hastings, but his parents live in Coventry, and I'm having a very hard time finding anything.....

His name is Tony Richardson
Date of birth: 1960
Lived in Coventry until he was 18 yrs old
His parents still live there, they are in their 60's
He has 2 brothers and a sister
He is a social worker (mental health field)

Thats about all I know.... If someone reads this and can and would like to help me, please email me. Thanks so very much!!! :)

Leslie Scherrt
My email address is: <>
My home address is: 20360 Pinecrest Taylor, Michigan USA 48180
Phone number: 313-388-4502

(Note: We are unsure whether to put this type of message in the guestbook for obvious reasons. We have removed one or two personal details. We suggest that if anyone does know Tony they contact him first and let him decide if he wants to contact Leslie. Thank you)

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[17 AUG 96]

Hi, my name is Hazel Beattie, I grew up in Nuneaton and left for Canada in 1957 when I was 12. Looking to see if any of my relatives are on the net, or friends that I had over there. My maiden name was Spellman, father being Fred and Mother Irene, whose maiden name was Casey.

Would love to chat with any one who can help in my search. Some of my relatives live in Arley, but the majority reside in Nuneaton.

Hazel Beattie <>

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[14 AUG 96]

Wonderful to get on this home page. My name is Margaret Clark (nee Wale), was born in Coventry quite a long time ago, still I would be interested to talk with any seniors that may remember me. I lived in Bell Green, went to St Lawrence (Old Church) School, then to Broad St, etc. I am enjoying all the news from Coventry, keep up the good work.


Margaret Clark <>

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[9 AUG 96] Auto Mechanic/Technician job in USA

Our North Carolina family business, devoted entirely to English car restoration and maintenance, is always looking for skilled and experienced people to join our team. An individual would have to have US residency potential (US parent?) or could come on a working vacation.

I (Alan Briggs) am an ex Morris apprentice/employee(1960-1969) and a freeman of the city. One of my sons (Simon) is a Keelavite apprentice. You might be amazed to see how many Coventry products live within 50 miles of us (approx 6000). Our shop is full of Jaguars, Triumphs, MGs, AHs, Lotus, Land Rovers, etc. I would love to find a way to bring some of the Coventry talent I grew up with here to work on the cars that we produce. I miss Coventry!

Alan Briggs
Tel (919) 596 4250
Fax (919) 933 0996
Email <>
2308 East Pettigrew Street
Durham NC 27703 USA

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[8 AUG 96]

During my recent visit to my home town of Coventry, I was disappointed to see my old school Keresley Newlands no longer standing. If any old school friends (around 1960-1968) read this message, it sure would be nice to hear from you.

I can be reached at <>

Regards, Kevin Petty

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[7 AUG 96]

I would be pleased to communicate with anyone interested in Coventry. I grew up in Cheylesmore, attended Manor Park School, 1956-1962, Cheylesmore Secondary Modern, 1962-1966. Apprenticed at Alvis Ltd, 1966-1972, and also attended Coventry Technical College during the same period.

I have been living in Canada for the past 17 years, and as stated previously would be very pleased to communicate with anyone who was or has been associated with the facilities/organisations listed, or has a common interest in Coventry.

To those who provide this Community Web Page, keep up the good work, it is certainly appreciated

Regards, Robert Sturgess < >

(Robert also sent the following message about the news service:

Excellent, keep up the good work, it is very gratifying to find the news items being posted once again. It really does allow ex-patriot Coventrians such as myself to keep in touch.)

(See previous entry 19 March 1996)

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[5 AUG 96]

Hello. Alex Milne here and I am going to be in Coventry on the 7th Aug. If there is anyone from Woodlands School (1954 - 1959), Stringer House, I will be staying at my brother Mike's in Tile Hill if you remember me. Also anyone who apprenticed at Alfred Herberts (1959 - 1964). Like to hear from you.

Alex Milne <>

(See previous entry 1 April 1996)

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[04 AUG 96]

It was a pleasant surprise when I came across this Website, Thanks to Dr Dave. Earlier searches had only shown up commercial and civic sites. It is good to have something more personal.

Born in Coventry in 1928 ... a long time ago ... I went to Stoke Green, Stoke Council and Bablake where part of the time was spent in Lincoln. I remember vividly the bombing both by the Nazis and the IRA. Who remembers the IRA bomb going off in Broadgate in 1939? What's new in today's world. After leaving Bablake I worked for a couple of years at Hard Metal Tools (AC Wickman) and attended Coventry Tech at nights, finally going to Birmingham University (commuting every day on the local - 55 mins for 18 miles) to get a degree in metallurgy. I came to Canada in 1954 and am now retired, living in Brockville, Canada. Like others who write I wish the CET would set up a Web site. I get news about the UK regularly by way of the Internet Times and Daily Telegraph but when I run a search in these papers on Coventry very little comes up except football scores. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone whose path might have crossed mine. I realise that retired people might have difficulty accessing the Net without an organization to go through.

Here in Canada we don't pay telephone charges to connect to our Internet provider, lucky us!

Cheers and best wishes

Jim Elks < >

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[4 AUG 96]

Hello, My name is Sylvia White (nee Meiklejohn) and I grew up in Coventry. My family emigrated to Atlanta, Georgia USA in 1968 and after a five year stay in Los Angeles from 1983 to 1988 I returned and currently reside in Atlanta once again. I attended Stoke Secondary Modern School on Briton Road until 1967 and I was wondering if anyone knows if this school still exists? The year I left, Mrs McDermott was the Headmistress and my classroom teacher was Mrs Thomas. It was during my final year at Stoke that the school became co-ed. Does anyone remember this? How wonderful to find this Guest Book, I know I shall be reading it often.

Sylvia White <>

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