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Guestbook - December 1996

[30 DEC 96]

Just read the guestbook to see if there was anybody I knew. Alas no! Must be somebody out there who went to Binley Park School 1960 - 1964. I played football for Folly Lane on a Saturday and SC New Star on Sundays.

Lived in Styvechale before emigrating to Canada in 1979. Now live in St Albert, Alberta. Where it's "bloody" cold at the moment.

This means of communication is great, especially this service, for Coventrians and those who would like to be.

Terry Jones < >

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[29 DEC 96]

My name is Giuseppe Scarcelli. I was born in Coventry in 1969, I lived in 66 Rollason Road, Radford. I now live in San Giovanni in Fiore, Italy. I would like to make friends living there.

Giuseppe Scarcelli <>

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[25 DEC 96]

I emigrated to Australia in 1988 from Courthouse Green. Attended Cardinal Wiseman School in Potters Green from September 1987 to July 1988. Head teacher of my year was Mr Rutherford, and my form teacher was Mrs Frost (1F). If anyone has any information on Wiseman or anyone attended this school - a reply would be greatly appreciated. (I was twelve years old when I left in '88. I'm now the big 21)

Sara McKay <>

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[21 DEC 96] Templars School

I hear that the old Templars School, formerly Whoberly School, is going to be demolished. Oh how my heart and mind suddenly remembered my days there. Could someone please give some kind of update of the demise of my old school. Will there be a new one?

Alex Milne <>

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[21 DEC 96]

On behalf of my Father-in-Law, Stanley Lowe of Toronto, Ontario Canada, I am enquiring for information about the Lowe family history. If you can supply any information which would help us reconnect this "lost" branch of the Lowe family, we would be very grateful.

My Father-in-Law provides the following information:

(Mid-1800s) Great Grandfather John Lowe from somewhere in Warwickshire. Occupation most likely Blacksmith and/or Engineer.

(Late 1800s-early 1900s) Grandfather David Elbert Lowe in Birmingham and London. Occupation: Engineer. Made Boilers for Steamships in Birmingham. Owned a Building Supply house in London. Son of David Elbert Lowe was Douglas Edward Lowe (my Father-in-Law's Father) from first marriage, plus one other Son. First wife died. Remarried and had more family (sons? daughters???) Family (including Douglas Edward) moved to Toronto around 1911. After 2-3 years, David Elbert Lowe moved with wife and children from that marriage to Palm Springs, Florida. Douglas Edward Lowe and brother (who was an artist/painter) remained in Toronto. Brother killed in WW1.

My Father-in-Law has no other information on his Grandfather's family after they moved to Palm Springs, nor any other information about John Lowe's family in Warwickshire, such as which City.

Thank you for your help

Debra Lowe <>

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[21 DEC 96]


great to see Coventry on the net.
I used to live in Coventry in the Radford area (Links Road/Jubilee Cresent). I am now living not Canada but Saltash in Cornwall! Would like to hear from anybody in the Radford area or who drank at any of these pubs.... the Pilot, the Radford, the Colin Campbell, the Shepperd and the Dive.
Also anybody in the Saltash/Plymouth area mail me too as I miss Coventry so much!!

please mail me, thank-you

Mark Cooper <>

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[13 DEC 96] Dec 1996

Hello from Trevor Locke. I was very impressed by your site and will recommend to local authorities and voluntary organisations I am working with as a good working model.

best wishes

Trevor Locke <>
The Association for East Midlands Teleworkers (UK)

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[11 DEC 96] Exchange Teachers

I taught in Coventry (St Mary's in Gosford Green) in 1986-87, the year of the football cup winners. Have very fond memories of the town, and do lament some of the changes that growth has produced since '87. Oh well. Write me at or

David Murk

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[09 DEC 96]

My name is Bill Hunt. My wife and I live in San Diego, California. We came to the States in 1967, before the "SKY BLUES" reached the dizzying heights. We settled first near to Cleveland, Ohio, moving out here in 1984. We visit Coventry quite often and I still look upon it as home, but am saddened by what happened to industry there. My final working days were spent at "MATRIX".
Come on COVENTRY CITY,start scoring some goals.
If anybody out there knows a guy named Thompson, who was an apprentice at the BTH in 1940, and now lives in San Diego please let me have his address.

Bill Hunt <>

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[05 DEC 96]

I just happened on your site while looking for information about towncriers. It seems a real nice site, as well as a nice town. I am an American in Pittsburgh, PA and an anglophile. As a hobby I portray an English Marine in military reinactments of the American Revolutionary War. And also a musket man in the Virginia Militia (loyal to King George) in French and Indian war reinactments. I believe the French and Indian war in America was known as the 7 Years War in Europe.

Patrick Morrison <>

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[05 DEC 96]

I live in Canada, Welland Ontario to be exact. I was surfing the net for something new and I came across this web page and thought I would drop a line on e-mail. Not much to say right now. Maybe I'll be more talkative at a later time.


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[05 DEC 96]

Hi. I'm Tony Savage, ex Barkers Butts lad around the late fifties.

Any old friends out there drop me a line. I live in Cape Town.

Still a Freeman of Coventry ... (I think!)

Tony Savage <>

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[01 DEC 96]

Hello Coventry,

I was born and raised in Coventry then moved to America with my family in 1981. I have since been back about 4 times and am amazed by the progress the City has made each visit. My mum and dad, Jill and Les Johnson, send family and friends their best. My name is Karen Johnson Musa, and I now reside in Dallas, TX. I would love to hear from old friends who attended Blue Coat Church of England School.

Karen Johnson Musa <>

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