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Guestbook - October 1997

[31 OCT 97] Whitley Abbey Hotel

This Cyber-Quest is regarding a lost love who resided in the Whitley Abbey Hotel in 1969. As a thirty year time span is quickly approaching I am requesting information now as to the whereabouts of the innkeeper's daughter, a beautiful Patricia Chambers.

Patricia, who was 20 in 1969, is the daughter of Reginald Chambers who was the manager of the Whitley Abbey Hotel in 1969. Pat worked with me in the Hotel Leofric and was kind enough to befriend aand accompany me in various diversions in and around Coventry. To a lonely colonial boy (Canadian) she was heaven sent.

After I left the Leofric, I travelled throughout the UK and eventually ended up back in Canada. Pat indicated she would come to Canada but, without sufficient encouragement from my side, she eventually settled down with a person from the Midlands. And so did I with someone from Ontario.

The time has come to find out what Pat has done with her life and hopefully for me to tell her of mine if that is at all possible. It is amazing what TIME does to to body but not the heart. I still carry her picture in my briefcase all the time. She would laugh at that ...

If you have any information regarding this quest, please contact me at this email address:

or by mail at:

B Furzecott
One Georgian Drive
BARRIE, Ontario

Thanks for a great Website ...

B Furzecott

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[31 OCT 97]

I'm looking for an address or e-mail address of a friend of mine, whom I haven't heard from since 1992. His nickname is (was) Willy and he had been a member of Round Table-23 in Coventry. His wife is (was) named Carol. I was a guest in the RT.23 Europe meeting in your city several years ago. Now I searching for my friend "Willy". Can anybody help me?

Best regards

Rolf M Skogen <>

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[21 OCT 97] G'day from Western Australia ...

Hi ... I am Derek Anderson (Andy) ... married to Gillian ... (nee Copeland). I lived in the Radford area in my youth - 1960-72; attended Copthorne Sec Mod from 1961-63 ... then Woodlands Comprehensive from 63-65. I then left school to take up an apprenticeship at the Alvis Works on the Holyhead Road from 1966-71. In 1974 I migrated to West Australia.

Those years at the Alvis were some of the best years of my life, and if anyone remembers me from that time ... give us a bell ...*G*

I am married to Gillian (nee Copeland). She was at Copthorne 1961-66 and worked at the Dunlop, Holbrookes Lane 1966-74.

Well done on the CWN pages ... great way of keeping current with what's happening in the Coventry area.

Derek Anderson <> or <>

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I am looking for information about my namesake John Tomlinson who was said to be running a dairy in Nuneaton around 1907/08. His wife's name was Ann or Annie and he previously lived in Aston, Birmingham and worked for Humber Cars.

He was reputed to have died of pneumonia in 1908, but mysteriously I can find no record of his death. Would any Nuneaton historian have any information that could throw any light?

John Tomlinson < >

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[18 OCT 97] The camera view

Please, let's see the people of Coventry - point the camera down on the shoppers...

As a boy in the 60's, I used to travel into Coventry most Saturdays on the bus (three old pence from Tile Hill) ... (or should I say 'buzz'?). My favourite bench was in the Upper Precinct looking down on the shoppers below.

Now I can do the same from my home in Cornwall for a penny a minute. That's what I call technology!

William Hartley <>

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[10 OCT 97]

I am Ian Fraser, I went to Binley Park Comprehensive up until June 1960. I would like to hear from anyone who went to the school at or around the same time, or does anyone knows the whereabouts of :

Hugh Kenedy, Frank Ball, Trevor Bedford or John McKenzie.

I now live in Hamilton, Canada, and would like to hear from anyone from Binley Park.

Ian Fraser < >

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[9 OCT 97] Hi again and thanks!

Hello Coventry and the CWN!


I wanted to say thank you to the great Coventry and Warwickshire Network for helping me to find my dearest schoolfriend and leads on one or two others from my original entry in August!

It is SO good to be back in contact ... really special!

Anyone who knows the STREET family, previously of Merynton Avenue, is welcome to contact me and I will pass messages on ... we look forward to hearing from you !

Needless to say I continue to visit this site often ... well done !


Gerard Street <>
Interflight Aviation Services, Perth, Western Australia

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[8 OCT 97] Hartleborough

Can anyone help me to find where Hartleborough is? The only information I have is that it is (was) in Warwickshire around 1849.

I would really appreciate your help as I live in Australia.


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[8 OCT 97] Happy Visitor

Recently my wife and I attended the Reconciliation '97 conference held at the Cathedral, 1-6 September. We had a lovely time in Coventry. The staff of the Leofric Hotel were most accommodating and we certainly enjoyed the gracious hospitality of Pizza Express and Bunty's. You have a lovely city and much to be proud of . We look forward to returning someday with our children.

We also enjoyed Warwick - the castle and St Mary's Church were very beautiful. The roving information girl was very pleasant and helpful as well. We look forward to visiting your beautiful cities again.


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[8 OCT 97] Where is the camera?

Hi! As a Coventrian in exile in the US I very much enjoy visting this site to see what is going on in Coventry. I lived there from '59 to '79 and attended The Blue Coat School from '66 to '71.

Whereabouts in the City Centre is the camera pointed - a few days ago there was a nice view showing part of the skyline but now it seems to be pointed at a stairway?


Sue Smith <>

Editor: We like to move the camera around for variety! It's currently pointing at the escalator that leads up to the West Orchards Shopping Centre

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[3 OCT 97] Gospel Oak Road, Exhall

Chappy looking for info re: Gospel Oak Road, Exhall ... I was raised on this street through the war years ... be glad to hear from anybody ... or even somebody

Are cousins Paul and/or Clive Allen on the Internet ... butcher shops and taxi business ... love to hear from you?

Ray Allen <>
Hamilton, Canada

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[01 OCT 97] Coventry Shopping Precinct Video

As a former resident of Coventry (1950 - 1976), I was pleased to see that some things are the same. I am fully aware of the position of the camera and find it very satisfying to know the area is still a non traffic area.


Ian Fraser < >

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[01 OCT 97]

I must say that I am thrilled to be able to add Coventry to my list of bookmarks. I am a Coventry native (Lyng Hall, 1984), but have been living and working in the US for the past thirteen years. Fortunately, my parents still live in Coventry, so I have been able to stay in touch anyway. Now, I can keep up with the Sky Blues even before my mum and dad provide me with updates!

Anyway, great website. I love the addition of the 'live' City Centre.

I would love to hear from any of my school chums. Send me an e-mail!

Ann Lashley <>

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