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Guestbook - March 1997

[31 MAR 97]

Hi over there - I'm very new to this stuff - so I hope this gets through - if it doesn't well I'll keep trying until I do. I was so excited just to find it and have spent quite some time browsing through. I'm very interested in a Mike Floyd that the last I heard lived in Nuneaton. My husband was from Coventry, and Mike his cousin. Mike was here in 1968 or 69 - and I've lost touch with him but would surely like to get in touch. I know he married years ago and had children, so hopefully someone will be on the Net. I was in Coventry for a very short time in the early '80's but couldn't talk my sister-in-law to try to find him. It was her car so you know - if Mike does happens to see this he'll know what I mean????? Her name is Jean. My husband's name was Roger Page - Mike lived on Hollis Road at the time he visited here. I'm sure Mike will remember me and my children - his cousins, of course, Audrey, Sandra, Stewart and Greg. If there are relatives of Roger's I would like to hear from them too. His Mom and Dad, Jessie and Bert lived on Hollis Road. I'm so delighted to find this site.

Marilyn Page, Ottawa, ON, Canada <>

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[29 MAR 97]

Greetings from Coventry, Connecticut, USA

I saw your address on our local fire department home page, and wanted to check yours out while I was here. I've had guests from Coventry UK visit and stay with me, and I contiune to correspond with them. I hope to visit your city someday and visit them in return.

Thanks for having a guest book to was nice to stop in for a minute and say hello.

Frank Libby <>

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Hi.....My name is Alan Maloney. Could you point me to a Nuneaton Service Provider or the I can search the users pages for long lost friends. I lived in Nuneaton 1964-68 and attended St Joseph's Junior/High School. In 1964 I was 9 years old. I left Nuneaton at the age of 13 to go and live in Malta. Surely there is someone out there who remembers me and owns a computer.

Alan Maloney < >

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[20 MAR 97]

My name is Garry Perez and I'm moving to Coventry at the end of April. I know nowt about the place, is there anyone who would like to show a 33 year old Mancunian the good bits?


Garry Perez <>
243 Chapman Street, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8NG

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[19 MAR 97]

Found this page while looking for Coventry news. I was born in 1948. Grew up in Tile Hill area. Graduated from Tile Hill Wood Girls School in 1964. Worked in solicitor's office at Coventry Cathedral office until I moved to Western Canada.

If anyone from those days remembers me and would like to say hello they can e-mail me at: <>

Thanks, good to see news from home.

Linda Ramirez

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[19 MAR 97]


I know someone who has lived there for almost 4 years and after she told me some stories from this great city I became to love it. :)

Franklin! 8-)

Franklin Alves Ribeiro Júnior <>

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[14 MAR 97]

Hi. My name is Michael Hobley and I live in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

This is a great Web Site that I just discovered, while trying to trace my "Roots". I hope to contact distant relatives from the Coventry/ Warwickshire area, from where my family originated.

The "Hobleys" arrived in Canada in 1871 from the Brinklow area. I am interested in communicating with any relatives to compare family history.

John Hobley (? Brinklow) + Ann Wolfe (? Brinklow)
John Hobley (1826 Brinklow) + Ellen Neale (1827 Frankton)
Thomas Neale Hobley (1858 Kate's Hill, Dudley) + Henrietta Ross Boys(1873 Barrie, Canada)
Clarence Hobley (1902 Barrie, Ontario, Canada) + Grace Campbell(1909 Ayr,Scotland)
Michael Ross Hobley (1949 Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Michael Hobley <> or <>

This message has been passed on to the Coventry Family History Society who may be able to help with this type of enquiry

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[13 MAR 97] Perkins of Hillmorton

Several months ago, I posted a guestbook entry which contained an address no one could have replied to! Now I know why no one did!! I'll try again. Would anyone who tried to respond before please try again, to my new (correct!) e-mail address, this time!

Looking for any and all information concerning anyone with the ancestral surname PERKINS who lives or has lived in HILLMORTON, Warwickshire, now a part of Rugby. My direct ancestor, John Perkins, left there in 1630. His ancestors were there for 200 years or so before he left with his family. Anyone descended from a PERKINS of HILLMORTON, please contact me. I'm looking forward to making contact with as many distant cousins as I can.

Glen M Perkins <>
See last entry 14 July 1996

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[12 MAR 97]

I'll visit your city this summer. I'll stay there for one year. I'll enter the University of Warwick. I have never visited England, and I wish to have a mail friend before going there. (Of course after going there.)

My mail address is <> I wait for your mail.

Junko Tasaka from Japan

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[9 MAR 97]

Nice to be able to interact with home town, real people. I notice that many Coventry Kids have wandered to the four corners. Of course, true Coventry Kids always go back home in the end. It's a shame though how many will never be able to return due to the economic restraints and policy of the British Government.

I am talking about the way in which expatriates in Canada and South Africa are denied indexed pensions. If you don't know yet, Expatriate pensioners in those countries exist on meagre ten pounds a week pensions, purely because when they applied for OAP they resided in either of those two countries. Now, what I consider a crime, is the way that many of our war heros now living in Canada, say, cannot return to their home towns even if they wanted to, yet their opposite numbers from the "other side" may well be living in that same town, drawing a full pension from the German government.

As far as I can see, I would be better off moving to Germany, drawing a British indexed pension, plus, if I worked for 10 years in Canada, drawing an indexed Canadian pension, then possibly collecting a subsidy from Germany to make up for any difference in standard of living. Long live the Coventry Kid, the only way to win is to stay alive long enough to collect.

Rob Fauchon <>

[See last message 28 February 1997 ]

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