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Guestbook - June 1997

[30 JUN 97] (amended 8 December 1997)

My name is Robin Coventry. I am looking for information regarding my ancestors. Old family names are George, Chancey, Douglas, Fredrick, William, Carl, Wayne and John.

My ancestors came from Coventry and I want to do reseach on them. Please email me if you have information.

Robin Coventry <>
Camden-Wyoming USA

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[27 JUN 97]

G'day it's Jim from NZ again, just to say the new site looks great. Still trying to save our pennies for another trip back, will continue to search this site for new information on your neat city. If anyone there remembers Terry (Bill) Beard, my father-in-law and mate, ex Thombridge Rd, sadly he passed away on 15 May 97, God be with him.

Jim & Kathryn Beard <>

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[26 JUN 97]

This site is very interesting, give me lots of information - where to go, what to do, etc. which I desperately need being new in the place. I find the jobs and careers very useful.

I am Beng White originally from Manila, Philippines. I moved to Coventry in March 1997 to be with my husband, John. I was here last year but did not see much as we were visiting for 3 weeks. I am now here for good, and with this site, I would easily find my way around the City.

My husband and I have added this site to our favourites, and will be visiting quite often.

Beng White <>

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I would like to add this to your guestbook - I think this site is wonderful to have. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and decided to browse your website.

I visited England in 1979 and thought it was a beautiful country.

If anyone would like to correspond, I can be reached at:


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[22 JUN 97] History from the 1600's

I am conducting some genealogical research and would be interested in any history regarding Henry Sewell or William Sewell, both were former mayors of Coventry in the Parish of St Michael.

Thank you for any assistance.

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[15 JUN 97]

G'Day from WA!

What a great site. As an old Coventry kid [born 1964] it was nice to discover CWN, even if it was a bit late.

My family and I migrated in 1980, to Bunbury, Western Australia. I attended Cardinal Wiseman Girl's School, Potters Green Road, and would love to hear from anyone from this era.

Keep up the good work, love the live video coverage.


Rosemarie Oakley [Nee FISHER] <>

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[12 JUN 97] Plant Family

I have been researching my family in the Coventry area and have discovered records from St Michaels Parish showing the Plant family back to the late 1700's. They were in the textile or ribbon industry (all except my GG Grandfather, Walter Plant) who is shown as a glazier. As the name is a French derivative do you know if there are any records that could tie in to the Hugenots who settled in that area. I understand they were mainly in the textile and glass or ceramic trades. Any help would be appreciated.

Paul Plante <>

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[8 JUN 97] The New Look

Hi guy's

You're lookin good. I drop by once a week, to check on our old city and see what's new. We like the camera, too bad it won't pan. Im going to ask friends to give us a wave on Saturday afternoons.

Please keep up the good work

Gordon Slater <>

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[8 JUN 97] Spicer Family

My name is Mike Spicer. I live in Bracebridge, Ontario, CANADA. I am doing research into my family history in Coventry and would like to contact relatives I might have there. If your surname is 'SPICER' or you are somehow related to this name in any way, I would very much like to hear from you.

My great-grandfather was ARTHUR JOHN SPICER, born in Coventry, 3 April 1874. He was married to Gertrude Berrick, of 37 Bracebridge Rd, Erdington. He died November 1, 1917 aboard the HMS Good Hope.

I look forward to your response.


Mike Spicer <>

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[1 JUN 97]

Hello, my name is NIALL STRAW. I emigrated to Canada with my parents a long time ago.... 1964 to be exact and we settled in Ontario. I went to Attleborough Primary School and then went to King Edward VI Grammar School until I went to Malta with my parents. On returning I returned to KEGS for one year.

Since coming to Canada I have earned 3 degrees and am presently the principal (headmaster) of a Full Service School close to Exeter, Ontario... that's just north of London.

I am married with 4 children 20, 18, 18, (yes twins!) and 16.

I have been back to Nuneaton several times to visit with relatives and one or two friends whom I still keep in contact with. I have obviously lost contact with many.... but perhaps this is the opportunity to attempt to contact them again... if you still recognize the name that is!!

I will be coming to England in August and if you respond to this ...perhaos we can meet again.

I am particularly interested in contacting MICK FORD who also went to KEGS... his dad was an alderman in Nuneaton... owned a milk delivery business I believe. Also the first love of my life ... JUDITH WALTON who went to the girls' grammar school in England.

Whatever happened to David Mee or Geoff Bucknall????

Niall Straw <>
OR <> OR <>

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