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Guestbook - August 1997

[30 AUG 97] Hello from Bill Hartley, Mid-Cornwall

Hello to anyone who remembers me at:

  • Templars c 1958-64
  • King Henry VIII c 1964-1969
  • Tile Hill College c 1969-1971

Best regards

Bill Hartley <>

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[18 AUG 97] Greetings again from Nova Scotia

It has been a while since my last message. I understand that there was a re-union for past pupils of Templars School held last week at the Lime Tree Club, I am sorry I could not attend. Hope everyone there had a great time and met many old friends.

Could someone please send me the new URL for the NEC Birmingham, the site has changed and I am having trouble locating the new one.
(Editor: it's )

Just one more query, does anyone know of a highland dancing organization in the Midlands and do they have competitions?

Love the page, and I still visit often.

Alex Milne <>

Editor: Alex has posted several previous messages - search on 'Alex Milne' to bring up a list

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[16 AUG 97] 1932-33 County Ice Hockey Team

A good number of years ago I purchased a watercolour caricature of the Warwickshire county ice hockey team 1932-1933, professionally drawn (pen & ink) with what appears to be a hand painted finish by a Max Greco. Although the 7 people in the caricature may be a little long in the tooth, 64 years later I wonder if any of them are still around today although the youngest of them would now be at least 80 years young. They are named on the painting as follows:

  • Boy Curtis
  • Reg Devitt
  • Blakstad
  • Dr Tingley
  • Morris
  • Peter Churchill
  • Bookbinder

Or maybe even Max Greco himself. If any body could add any further information it would be appreciated.


Glenn Gibbs <>

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[16 AUG 97]

Jean Ellen Drake attended Foxford Secondary Comp from 1957 to 1961. Now living in Ontario, Canada

Jean Schoonover <>

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[9 AUG 97]

Hi, would like to know of anybody on the net who attended President Kennedy from Sept 1983-1988


Mark Cooper <>

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[4 AUG 97] Randle Family

I would like to match geneaology notes with any RANDLE researching in or around the Coventry, Kenilworth, Warwickshire area. Any help or correspondence welcome!

Frank W Randle
12039 44th Ave
Kenosha, WI 53142

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[01 AUG 97]

Hi my name is GERARD STREET.

Thank you for the oportunity to look at and remember Coventry.

I have been thinking a lot about my friends at Bishop Ullathorne School of late and would welcome this opportunity to contact any of them.

I am seeking in particular my best friend at Ullathorne, Keiron Punch. We have lost contact and I figured that as I talk to my brother in London on a regular basis on the 'Net why not see if I can find Keiron on the 'Net too.

I also remember, Brian O'Connor, Andrew O'Connell and my heart still races when I think of Helen Cairns!! Don't stop there though, I would love to hear from anyone who was around Ullathorne at or near the time I was, that being 1977 to 1980 when I left for Australia.

I was born on 4 January 1966, lived at 9 Merynton Avenue, Cannon Hill, Coventry CV4 7BL (I still remember!!) and obtained most of my primary schooling at Our Lady of Assumption. Another thing I remember from that time is stalking through the woods with my great pal from those days George Shaw.

If anyone can help me find any of these people, have a connection with any of the places I have mentioned, would like to know about the beautiful City of Perth, Western Australia or discuss anything to do with aviation, which is what I do now, then I would be very happy to hear from you.

Finally, I would also like to say hi to old Coventry on behalf of my Mum and Dad, Cecilia (Celia) and Dennis Street. If anyone wishes to contact them, please feel free to do so via myself (I'm only 5 mins away!).

We hope to hear from you soon,

Gerard Street < >
Perth - Western Australia

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