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Guestbook - November 1997

[29 NOV 97] Real Video

Great to see the latest in technology promoting Coventry on the Web. While the bandwidth is still too narrow to achieve TV or Movie quality, it is a big step in the right direction. Thanks for the eye-watering experience. Looking forward to more of the same.

From your buddy in BC,

Rob Fauchon <>

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William Hartley, Mid-Cornwall, UK researching my families from 18th/19thC Coventry including Yardley, Cutts, Lake, Wilson, Brockhurst, Smith.

Anyone who knows me from Templars/King Henry VIIIth/Tile Hill College 1958-1971

William Hartley < >

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[6 NOV 97] Crump Family

I am trying to trace my Crump family line and hoping that someone who reads this e-mail will be kind enough to help me.

I am looking for any information on my Great Uncle Alfred Crump born 9 Feb 1891 in Birmingham. Alfred lived in Coventry from 1933-1968. Alfred and his wife Alice lived at 80 Bevington Cres, Coventry until 1968 when Alfred died. The only information we have is that Alfred had a daughter born 25 July 1920 - her name is Emeline Betty Crump. I would appreciate any help.

Dave Crump <>
59 Warwick Dr SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3C-2R5 Canada

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[02 NOV 97] Lighting

Hello there,

Love the view, good to see my old home town on the cutting edge of technology! Would it be possible to cut down on the glare from the street lights? ... the reason that I ask is so we will be able to see the Christmas lights (when they get turned on!).

Richard Scarle <>

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[01 NOV 97] From the heart of the UK


Isn't it amazing, you 'travel' round the WWW and the best site you find is sitting on your doorstep !!!

By the way, my employer (Warwick District Council) have an Environmental Health page at which is the Environmental Health's page for Air pollution monitoring in Warwickshire.

Re schools links: I would be interested in adding my details to the contact list, they are as follows:

Binley Park School , between 1963 and 1968, full name Bob Chaston, DOB 04/04/1952

Thanks again

Bob Chaston <>

Editor: There is in fact a link to the Warwick Air Pollution site in our environment section

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