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Guestbook - January 1998

[27 JAN 98] WebCam

It would be good if you could also show some shots around Coventry - say the old cathedral, the Ford homes, etc.

Anyway, it's great to be able to stay in touch (even if I can't recognize the shot you are showing!!). I must get back again soon - the last time must be about 15 years ago now.

Thanks, anyway

Alan Peters <>

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[11 JAN 98]

We are web designers in the USA. I came across your website while serching on the ancient kindom of mercia. I would just like to say as a web designer myself, I found your page to be excellent. It was clear and graphically pleasing to the eye. My complements to its designer.


Julia Hardy <>
Web Graffiti Page Designers

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[8 JAN 98] Higham Lane School, Nuneaton

I went to Higham Lane School 1978-82 and King Edward VI Sixth Form College 1982-84. I wonder if there is anyone out there I might remember? My memory is fading pretty fast, maybe it was all a bad dream.

Christof J Schwiening <> Lecturer in Physiology & Fellow of Churchill College
Dept of Physiology, University of Cambridge

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[2 JAN 98] Pen Pal - Jonathan Howells

We are looking for a 9 year old boy named Jonathan Howells from Binley Woods. Travis Emery is his pen pal and would like his e-mail address. We met the Howells in Orlando, Florida at the Disney water park. Please e-mail us with any info, thanks.

Travis Emery, age 9 <> or <>
The Emery Christian Academy, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Editor: As always with this type of request we suggest that anyone who knows the child being sought to pass the message on to them before giving out their details

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