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Guestbook - February 1998

[29 FEB 98] Sewalls


I am interested in hearing from Sewall ancestors in Coventry and Warwickshire.

David Sewall <>
Old Town, Maine USA

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[25 FEB 98] I miss Coventry!!!

Hello to all:

My name is Andrew Docker and I am proud to call Coventry my home.

I have just returned to the US after my fist return to Coventry in 22 years, and I realize how much I miss it.

I will be marrying an English lady in August, in London, so I hope to get a chance to show her my home town. I do consider it so even after living in the US for 36 years.

I am glad to see the 'Sky Blues' doing so well this year and hope they can keep it up.

I would be very interested in hearing from any of you that care to write. I lived in Green Lane from 1959 to 1962 and attended Finham Street School. Additionaly Mom and Dad would be very interested in hearing from their school chums. Their names are Donald Docker and Greta Docker(nee Noy) and both lived on Redesdale Avenue for many years.

I look forward from hearing from any or all of you soon.

Thank you

Andrew Docker <>

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[15 FEB 98] John Walter Harden

My name is Mike Brown and was recently tracking my lineage when lo' and behold I discovered that they (ancestors) go through your beautiful town of Coventry. I am currently looking for descendants of JOHN WALTER HARDEN, my gr gr gr gr grandfather and 2nd cousins (or more removed) of Sir Walter Scott. John Harden's gr grandfather was Robert Scott, as was Sir Walters. John worked at the Hawksberry Collier near Coventry and the Warwickshire coal fields. John had married 3 times (Bacon, Cook, Marcy) and had children with each. He emigrated to America with his family on the ill-fated 'England' that had over 1000 passengers die from cholera en route. After quarentine in Nova Scotia and New York they settled in Luzerne Co Pa where he managed the Athrocite coal mines in Kingston.

John Harden was born 1816 and emigrated around mid to late 1800's. Eventually the family opened Harden and Son and emigrated further North to Cape Cod, Mass. My Aunt and Uncle as well as my grandmother (Jean Harden(Peckham)) still live there.

If this sounds vaguely familiar to anybody please email me. I appreciate and welcome all responses.


Michael Brown <>
Arizona, USA

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[14 FEB 98] Brinklow & Newbold c 1960-66

I lived at the old Brinklow Yacht Station from 1960 to 1966. I went to school at Monks Kirby 1960, and Newbold Grange High School 1961-66 when I joined the Army. After many world travels I now live in Oakton, Virginia. I would like to make contact with anyone who remembers Chris Haslam or members of the Haslam Family. My father Charles ran the Yacht Station and was very active in 'boatie type activities'. My E-Mail is either or Chris@boardman-penn.comm. I would welcome any e-mail correspondence with parties from the area desiring to share news and details of the community.


Chris Haslam <>
Oakton, Virginia, USA

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[14 FEB 98] Monks Kirby & Pailton

Does anyone know the Johnston family from Pailton and are they available on-line? In addition anyone familiar with the Old Monks Kirby School - please contact me.


Chris Haslam <>
Oakton, Virginia, USA

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[12 FEB 98] Lost friend: Shelia McGettigan


My name is Mark Cooper and I'm looking for Shelia McGettigan? Her mother and younger brother, Neil used to live at No.4 Hallbrook Road in Whitmore Park. Last time I saw her was in 1980/1 and I was told that she moved shortly aftwards to Hereford. If anyone has an address or telephone number please email me. Thanks.


Mark Cooper <>

Editor: As always with this type of request we suggest that anyone who knows the person being sought to pass the message on to them before giving out their details

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