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Guestbook - March 1998

[29 MAR 98] Sewalls


I am interested in hearing from Sewall ancestors in Coventry and Warwickshire.

David Sewall <>
Old Town, Maine USA

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[28 MAR 98] The Birches, Tamworth Road

We are trying to find out something of the history of 'The Birches', on the Tamworth Road. It was, at one time, the Nurses' Home for Keresley Hospital, and may have belonged to Lord Iliffe. We would be grateful for any information.

Rosh Bokhoree <>

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[28 MAR 98] Bradley Family

Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help me, I am new at genealogy and my father-in-law who is not very well, has aked me to help find some information on his mother.

Could anyone there give me an e-mail address for anyone doing the Bradley or Piper family tree?

The only information I have is that her name was Florence Bradley and she married a John Gordon Piper. They had two children:

  • Doreen, who died very young around 1915? from the 'Spanish FLU'
  • Ronald Gordon Piper born 2/12/1921 now living in Tasmania, Australia

I do know that Florence is buried in a cemetary in Walsall somewhere? on a hill as my dad said he could see the cemetery from the school window. I think he went to Walsall Public School and he was about 6 or 7 when she died.

His parents at sometime ran a hotel in Meriden called the Bull's Head.

On my father-in-laws birth certificate which was registered in the 'Coventry District, Sub District of Coventry South West in the Counties of CB etc' it states that their residence was 29 High Street, Coventry in 1921.

As my father-in-law is ill, I would like to be able to tell him more about his mother. Can anyone help me?

I can be contacted by e-mail at or by mail at PO Box 727, Katoomba NSW Australia.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Christine Piper <>

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I would like to see a conference about Gay issues and Gay life in Coventry. For far too long gay people in Coventry have put up with sub standard venues and terrible social facilities. It is fair to say that the Gay scene in Coventry is almost as bad as the straight scene for the lack of excitement and quality. However, the choice of pubs is appalling.

Although it has improved in the last year, the improvement (mainly the opening of "Rainbows"), is still not enough. I think that it is time that Coventry's gays stood together more and really developed a sense of community. Only then will we be able to improve life in Coventry and combat the homophobia that some of us encounter on a daily basis.

Jonathan Patrick < >

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[23 MAR 98] Honey Hall Farm

Hi, Coventry

I am hoping someone out there will remember the area of land, on Broad Lane, where WOODLANDS SCHOOL is now situated, prior to the school being built.

My family - the ARNOLD's - owned this land, about 15 acres, from the early 1800's until about 1927. The property was called 'Honey Hall Farm'. I would like to locate any old photos, documents or other information relating to this property.

Many thanks

Brian Arnold <>

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[22 MAR 98] Local Radio News

Great to be able to hear the local news on the net!

I no longer live local but like to keep up to date with Coventry news


Mark Cooper <>

Editor: CWN broadcasts the news from local radio station Mercia FM every weekday in RealAudio format

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[20 MAR 98] Fish and Chips

We are a school class in Rofors, Laxa, Sweden that every Friday have English on our schedule.

We hope to be able to cook Fish and Chips this month, but we donīt know how to make it. Can you help us with the recepie for it??


Daniel, Alexandra & Robin in Class 5 <>

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[19 MAR 98] Mechanics

Looking for an email address for the college in Coventry that deals with Mechanics.

Any suggestions?

With many thanks

Ian Morgan <>

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