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Guestbook - April 1998

[23 APR 98]

I left Coventry in '67, have lived around Cleveland, and here in San Diego and visit Coventry every couple of years. Coventry suffers because it is old and the centre is small, and of course the "WAR", did not help, and of course there is the obvious lack of investment. Also there is hardly a soul downtown - used to be the same in Cleveland, people were afraid to go there, but eventually took it back.

Warwickshire countryside is wonderful, nowhere like it. Coffee, there is plenty around just keep looking. Finally, Coventry certainly needs a cleanup, but who wants to pay, and it would not hurt to dispose of most of the new construction and start over.

I love Coventry, whatever.

Bill Hunt < >

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[22 APR 98] Mercia FM News

Just a quick note to say thanks for supplying the 1pm news from Mercia.

I am currently working in Connecticut, USA and now regularly listen to the News just to keep up with events back home.

The radio stations in this part of the world are so poor - it's a pity you can't pipe Merica FM in realtime! 8-)

Many Thanks

Mark Howes <>
Rugby, Warwickshire

Editor: CWN broadcasts the news from local radio station Mercia FM every weekday in RealAudio format

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[22 APR 98]

My name is Dawn Masters and I lived in Wyken from 1954 to 1975. I would love to hear from relatives or associates. My parents are Arthur and Eileen Masters. My fathers' parents (now deceased) were Florence and Sidney Masters.

Childhood friends at Richard Lee School included Robert Ashbey, Fred Wojick, Gay, Carol, Jaqui Haime, Phillip, Dave, Gaynor, Jane Noble. Friends at Lyng Hall included Marjorie Payne, Christine, Fay, Hilary, Vicky.

Other friends included Keith Nixon (now in Wales) and his family on Rock Close, Jeff Chandler, Bob McLelland, Chris Loszetski, Paul Haywood (Benny and The Jets), Linda Tony Pat and Rob Goodman, Peter and Daphne from Cov and Warks Labs, and many others.

I would love to receive any old photographs of the Wyken/Hipswell Highway area. Remember when the Pippin had a garden around the Back? The River Sowe had frogs, newts and tiddlers? The grassed land in front of the Caludon had wild berry bushes? The Walsgrave, the Devon, the Market Tavern, the Red Lion were the places to go! My children were born Canadian and these mementos will be cherished in a family history portfolio

Dawn Masters <> or <>
Toronto, Canada

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[21 APR 98] Nichols c 1881

Searching for ancestors or relatives of HARRY NICHOLS born Jan 1837:

  • wife Emma nee?
  • Basil Nichols b 1872 ... son
  • Emma Nichols b 1874 ... daughter ... my grandmother
  • Amelia Nichols b 1876 ... daughter
  • Albert Nichols b 1882 in Conneticut, USA ... son

The above were ribbon and silk workers

The family emigrated in 1882 to Connecticut, USA

Thanks for any input

Bob Koster <>
Parsippany, NJ, USA

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[19 APR 98]

Fantastic idea. Keep up the good work

Andrew Taylor <>

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[19 APR 98] Morris Engines

Hi, I was apprenticed at the Morris from '66 to '70, and would like to chat with any other Morris people from that era. I knew:

  • Bob Eldon - IE
  • Roy Smart - IE
  • Owen Cook - Electrician
  • Rich Trim - IE
  • Bob Glenister - IE
  • Ray Ashby - IE
  • Harry Gray - IE
  • Dick Sheasby - Nuffield T & G

and many others


Nik James <>

Editor: As always with this type of request we suggest that anyone who knows the person being sought to pass the message on to them before giving out their details

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[18 APR 98] Steve Stonell

Hello, my name is Li Yee Chai from Malaysia and I graduated from Coventry University in 1995. I have lost contact with a nice friend from Coventry. He was a marketing research lecturer in Coventry Business School, his name is Steve Stonell. Please send my regards and if possible please write to me. My correspondence address is:

No.37, Jalan BS 5/4, Taman Bukit Serdang
443300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Li Yee Chai <>

Editor: As always with this type of request we suggest that anyone who knows the person being sought to pass the message on to them before giving out their details

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[18 APR 98] Barker Butts School

Hi, my name is Maureen Sauve (nee Barrell). I went to Hill Farm Primary School and them to Barker Butts 1965-70. After I left Barker Butts I went to work for Marks and Spencer until I moved to Canada in 1976.

My parents, brothers and sisters still live in Coventry. I would love to hear from anyone that might remember me

Maureen Sauve <>

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[17 APR 98]

Hi all ... my name is Maz Nonno. I used to live in Coundon, Coventry and now in the Ohio, US. I went to Christ The King school in the mid 60s, then on to Cardinal Newman and left around 1975.

Love the site ... great to hear Mercia news. It would be nice to hear some reg programs!


Maz Nonno < >

Editor: CWN puts up the local Mercia FM news every weekday in RealAudio format

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I am looking for Christine Rowell (birth name) or any member of her family or friends that may know how to contact her.

< >

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[04 APR 98]

Hi, my name is Peter Norman and I now reside in Ontario Canada.

I completed high school in June 1952 at Christ the King in Coundon when it was both primary and secondary.

Peter Norman < >

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Hello, my name is Cheryl Barrar (Baxter) and I am now living in southern California. I went to Hartshill High School and would be interested in talking to anyone who went there during 74-77

My husband Dave Barrar went to Higham Lane until 1972.

My mom who is visiting us at the moment went to Manor Park Secondary modern until 1953 and would be interested in e-mail from any other classmates. She was known as Pauline Spencer.

Cheryl Barrar <>

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My name is Alan Jephcott. I attended Bablake Grammar School from 1959-1967 - my friends there called me Jeff.

I lived in Coundon on Dallington Road from about 1961-1967.

Some names from the past include Bill Startin (brother was John), Martin and Peter Hall, Pauline Brain, Beverley Hutchins, Brenda Redfern, Avril Wainright, Dave and Roger Smith.

If anyone knows these people, please have them e-mail me. I emigrated to Canada in 1970.

Alan Jephcott <>

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