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Guestbook - July 1998

[18 JUL 98] Lost Friend

Hello Cov,

I've been gone since '66 and I would love to find Hillary Conwell ne Mellors.  We lived together while I worked in her beauty shop [1963 til April 1965].  I moved to USA and I think Hillary moved to New York after '66.

We lived in Walsgrave with her father .  We used to go to the US Airforce base in Upper Heyford every weekend, '64 - '65, had a ball with the lads.  There were Carol Driver, Betty Simpson her sister Pat, me Valerie James, and about 15 other gals on the bus.  Is anyone out there, guy or gal, that remembers?

Carol and I were at the base in Sept '97 - it is very overgrown and so deserted like a ghost town. We took pictures and peered into the club where we danced and drank and had a great time.  If you have any info I would love to hear from you.

I worked 9 months in Jersey in '65, in a hotel in Gory then as a nanny - I worked with a gal named Linda.

I lived in Holbrooks and went to Holbrooks Infants, started in '49 then went to Whitemoor Secondary til '59.  Anyone out there email me - talk soon.

Valerie Lewis <>

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[15 JUL 98] Steel Family

Hi everyone

I am writing from the states. My sister Donna emigrated there in 1983 and is married to David Steel. They live in the Holbrooks area. Anyone out there familiar with the family???  I am curious.

My husband and I will be visiting in September for 10 days and want to know if there is any exciting things going on??? We have visted many times and personally I really like the area (maybe because my sister is there!)  We love Stratford upon Avon area and think its fun to go downtown.

Well anyone can write if you have any info or need info on the New England area of the US. We live in Connecticut, but grew up in RI

Thanks for listening

Sandy Rainaldi <>

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[10 JUL 98] High Times


Fantastic is the word for CWN - it has hit the high times with the format being used. My opinion, one of the best for a given area as big as C&W is.  Good one - like to see a bit of the outside of the Central Business District though.

Best Wishes

Henry Davis <>

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[08 JUL 98] Barnes & Trickett Family History

Trying to contact family who emigrated from Coventry, England to Canada earlier in the century.

Catherine BARNES (nee TRICKETT) b 2/9/88 married to Albert Barnes.
Children: Rodney; Constance; John; Howard & Victor.
George TRICKETT.  Children: Edward & Mavis.


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[07 JUL 98] Views of the Views

Hi Chris and everyone at CWN. I'm just sitting here baking in 100 degree heat in California and feeling homesick for my favorite city. It's nice to be able to have a peek at cool and comfortable-looking Coventry.

Thanks for being there, and here

Bob Nelsen  <>

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