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Guestbook - August 1998

[26 AUG 98] Family History

I have just recentally located your Internet Home Page and the Coventry Family History Society. I have been doing research into my family background although I have been aware that my Grandfather was a relative
of Sir John Franklin (1786-1847, the Arctic Explorer) whose family was from Spilsby, Linclonshire.

My grandfather was named 'John Franklin Tansley' and was born on 25 January 1854 in Coventry, England. I also know that his father was 'Thomas Tansley' and his mother was 'Clementina Franklin' who were married on 25 July 1852 at St John Church (?) in Coventry. Clementina Franklin may have been the daughter of a John Franklin and Jane Mason who were married on 18 October 1823 at Brownsover, Warwickshire.

I am seeking the marriage license of Thomas Tansley and Clementina Franklin in order to confirm the names of her parents in order to establish a family connection to Sir John Franklin. I would appreciate any imformation you can offer or directions to the proper channels in order to continue my search into our family background.

Sincerely Yours,

Richard Franklin Tansley < >
1721 W Tokay St
Lodi, California USA 95242-3436

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[24 AUG 98] Family of Pygott

I am very interested in finding out data relating to the PYGOTT family name.

There are several Pygott's in the Coventry area at the moment. I was born in Coventry but now live in New Zealand. I would like to find out more about my heritage. Can you help?


Vince Pygott < >

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[21 AUG 98] WebCams

The Web Cams are brilliant! Please can we have some more views.

David Gover < >

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[11 AUG 98] Lillian Chase Breen

I am looking for information for a family tree. Edward and Eugenia (Millard) Chase, parents of Lillian F (Chase) Breen, from Coventry. Can you help?

Carol Schafer < >

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[11 AUG 98] Family of Satchell


I am tracing my mother's side of the family whose name was SATCHELL. I have several certificates which show that SATCHELLS were builders and
bricklayers in and around the town of Rugby.

I am particularly interested in any John or George Satchells, circa 1850+ of Rugby.

I would be glad to swap my research with others whose interest in this name matches mine.


Anne McManus < >
Sydney, Australia

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[08 AUG 98] From the USA

Hi, my name is David McSparron.  I think the Coventry web site is a great resource for us ex-Coventrians.  I lived in Coventry from 1950 until 1979, when I emigrated to the USA.

I attended Courthouse Green primary school and Caludon Castle secondary school (Howard House, 1961-1967).  I worked at various places, including GEC (Stoke and Spon Street), Alfred Herberts in Foleshill, and System Resources in Spon Street.

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.  I would also be interested in hearing from Susan Rose Mursell who lived on Prince of Wales Road, and Vivienne Sarah Palmer, who lived on Manor Farm Estate in Wyken.

David McSparron < >

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[05 AUG 98] Looking for Mark Thomas

I am trying to get in touch with a friend who lives in Ohio but his email address doesn't exist, and I know that he visits the Coventry and Warwickshire Network so hopefully he will see my email address.

My name is Russell Fisher and the person that I am trying to find is Mark Thomas.  He has two children Ashley and Alex I hope that I will be able to get in touch with Mark through this page.

Thank you

Russell Fisher <>

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[03 AUG 98] Boff Family

Hello, I'm hoping somebody, whilst doing some research, may have come across the Boff family who were in the Foleshill area around 1851.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks Mark D in oz.

Mark Dawson <>

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[01 AUG 98] From Australia

Hi, my name is Ian McKay.  I have been viewing the site for over a year and I still reckon the Gents Web Cam was the best!   At least you could see faces!  (Did I spell that right)?

Anyway I emigrated to Australia in 1988. Used to work at Morris Engines number 2 factory in the mid eighties then ran my own business for a couple of years.  Most people knew me as Skip. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me.

Ian McKay <>

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